All In Teaser – Chapter 116


I watched Eric walk from the room to go call Pam and felt myself sigh. Not because he was leaving, but because of the way those jeans did my favorite part of him justice. However Lilly got my attention again in true Stackhouse fashion by smacking my face.

Maybe Eric was onto something about it being genetic.

My biggest argument with Eric at the moment had been she was Northman through and through and he was blind not to see it.

Maybe it was because Lilly had his eyes.

I snorted at my ridiculousness and just stared down at her, enjoying the feel of her against my chest and wondered if she knew just how much we loved her. How lucky we all were that there was a light at the end of this godforsaken tunnel and hoped we were also at the end of the drama that seemed to stalk us like, well…our stalkers.

We got occasional updates from the detectives and prosecutor on Debbie Pelt and the last we’d heard, she was being treated for her delusions with medication and was relatively sane now, but because the court appointed doctor treating her had declared she’d been capable of distinguishing right from wrong at the time of the crime, they were going forward with her prosecution. Not only would she go on trial for what she’d done to us, but she was charged in the death of Bill Compton as well since he’d died in the commission of a felony she’d been an accomplice to. That also meant Eric and I would have to testify at some point in the future, but her parents had hired an attorney for her that was making a case to plead she was mentally incompetent which they must have believed considering what else she admitted to once she was back on her meds.

It seemed after she was done stalking us in Louisiana over the Thanksgiving holiday, she’d made a spur of the moment trip home to Jackson Mississippi where she abducted her sister. Debbie had been adopted as a baby when the Pelts couldn’t conceive a child of their own – that is until she was two years old and Sandra was born. Be it sibling rivalry or something more that had to do with her mental state, she had resented her sister and what she perceived as her parents’ preference for their biological child over her. Debbie’s brown hair and eyes were the opposite of her sister’s blond and blue and since her parents were also fair haired, she felt like the black sheep of the family. She’d been so jealous of me for being Eric’s wife that she took out her frustrations on her sister and murdered her – the first blond she’d ever been jealous of, so when she was done facing charges in California she would have to return there for a second trial.

I didn’t feel sorry for Debbie – I wasn’t that good of a Christian – nor did I forgive her for everything she’d done to us, but I did let go of the anger because I knew it wouldn’t do anything but fester and take away from the life I was trying to lead now. I’d be happy to never see her again, but that just called for another wish for gassy rainbows because we’d have to face her when it was time for her trial.

That was just a bridge we’d have to cross when we got to it.

And if Pam was there, she just might throw her over it.


One comment on “All In Teaser – Chapter 116

  1. bbrock525 says:

    I have been teased now show me some love, sugar. Lol
    I have been missing you and your stories. I hope life is tearing you well
    Happy writing

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