I suck…

And I apologize for my suckiness in updating lately. I’m working on it, but I’d have better luck if one of you had some sort of magical temporary amnesia spell I could use on my family. I do the majority of my writing outside on my patio where i can smoke and where there aren’t any distractions. Since my family doesn’t really know I write fanfiction (they know I beta sometimes and probably have an inkling there’s more to it than that considering I would have to be editing War and Peace for the amount of time I spend outside), they think nothing of interrupting me every five minutes. I need them to forget that I exist – or at least forget that I’m at home, so Hallow/Marnie, if you’re out there, could you swing by my house and do your thing on my kids and the other half of their DNA?

*looks around the patio seeing nothing more than leaves blowing by and an expectant look on the face of a kid who’s old enough to forage for their own lunch*

Oh well, it was worth a shot. Anywho, here’s the teaser for the next chapter of Taken and the picture of Phil.. Yummy.

Taken – Chapter Twenty-OneTeaser



4 comments on “I suck…

  1. the Vikings Succubus says:

    I usually launch into a detailed account of some feminine malady, wether it be step-by-step removal of a tampon to delivering the afterbirth, to cleanse my space of unwanted presence. Rattling off a list of chores works for the teacup humans. When all else fails i claim diarrhea and retreat to my bathroom and threaten the gift to clean it when I’m done if I’m disturbed. Just some suggestions from one mother to another. I have four i escape from regularly. 2 of each 19, 17, 16, 13. You have my support. They just don’t understand our need for personal time to obsess over a certain Viking Vampire Sheriff and his counterpart Alexander Skarsgard.
    Your writing is my reason to get out of bed. Hahahaha love your stories 😉

    • kjwrit says:

      Hahaha…I’ll have to add your suggestions into my repetoire. My boys are 17 and 15, so I’ve found bemoaning my monthly “curse” while spouting detailed descriptions of “primary and secondary containment failures” works well. Sometimes I add action movie/comic book sounds like “BAM!” and “SPLAT!” while using visual aids like strawberry preserves. Or if I’m feeling especially evil, I’ll liken it to an OJ Simpson crime scene and ask if there’s yellow police tape hanging out of my waistband while blaming my bloated gut for why they don’t fit and they must acquit. They all give me a wide berth then, lol. Too bad they know enough to know it’s not every day that there’s a reenactment of Carrie’s prom scene going on down there, so they feel braver three weeks out of every month. 🙂

      I’m glad you like my fics!

  2. Sookie says:

    I am wondering when you might be able to update some of the other stories?

    • kjwrit says:

      I wish I had an answer to give you, but I don’t have one. I write whichever story is at the forefront of my mind and right now that would be The Debt. But just because all of you don’t see an update doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on anything else. In the last week I’ve added to the next chapters of Secrets That We Keep, The Hunting Grounds, Love Somebody, and an outtake for All In. The Great Repression and Revamped the week before. When any one of those will be done is anyone’s guess.

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