I took the day off!

I burned a day of leave and threw my car keys at my newly licensed son telling him to drive himself, his brother, and every other goddamn kid who depends on me for transportation to and from school because I knew I would get nothing else done.

Because I knew where this chapter was heading.

And according to wifey I should’ve issued a tissue warning because she had to blow her nose on one of those free roaming unicorns running around.

So, let me warn you…you might need a Kleenex.

And like Betty, you might be feeling like this when you get to the end of the chapter:

wtf betty

But, pleeeeaaasssse…have faith. If you’ve read anything else I’ve written, then you know I would never go without giving our couple an HEA. So, while it may feel like it’s the end, it’s not.

Pinky swear!

*ducks behind barricade*

Secrets That We Keep – Chapter Eighteen


3 comments on “I took the day off!

  1. princessbrigant says:

    I’m almost too afraid to click the link…

  2. Lily Dragonsblood says:

    Erm….what can i say…marvellous!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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