So much Skarsporn, so little time…

So there I was, coughing along and minding my own business when



Well hello handsome and bye bye panties!

If you click on the pic above and want to spend $22.71, you can pre-order your own copy like I did.

I chose to spend my time waiting for it to arrive by making this:

most wanted



Now as for this story business, I’m surprised you all haven’t figured out what’s going on here yet.

This fic is basically All In – The Vampire Version.

Not that there’s  a Vegas wedding or vamp baby on the way, but it’s taking me chapter after chapter just to get them through a 24 hour period. Yes, we’re up to Chapter Twenty-Six. But technically it’s only Day/Night Two of Amnesia Eric. And technically they only had like three or four nights together before the shit hit the fan, so just ignore Betty’s overdramatic ways along with my shitastic cut & paste photoshop skills.

Betty Draper Drama

Betty’s not dying of starvation just yet. But worry not. She’ll get fed here and there while she’s on the hunt and she’ll like it. Just like Eric likes to hunt.


betty wiener

Also, I’ll let you in on a little secret – something our little story is no longer. The last two words of this chapter are the entire reason I began writing this story. Just so I could type those two words.

Secrets That We Keep – Chapter Twenty-Six


4 comments on “So much Skarsporn, so little time…

  1. You make me laugh. And he makes me drool. What a nice & messy combination. 😉

  2. meridiean says:

    Skardrool has increased the sale of paper towels (the good kind) by 2000%. He should get a cut.

  3. redjane12 says:

    Amazing Askarsvisuals again… geez with the smoldering… had me all bothered with a jpeg!

    Loving Secrets That We Keep so if it becomes a huge fic like All In (which is just brilliant) , I’ll be one happy camper…

  4. missron80 says:

    hehehehe! just saw your most wanted pic show up on eric northman lovers united on facebook, lol!

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