Let me just apologize now…

To any of you religious folk out there, I apologize for Betty’s upcoming blasphemy. Once she gets on a roll, it’s hard to reel her back in.

Most of you were quick to jump on poor Sookie, but I ask that you try and remember how new the supernatural world is for her. She’s young and inexperienced in almost everything. She’s spent her whole life being telepathically confident, but with Eric she’s left flapping in the wind. So don’t blame her if she leaves Eric flapping in the wind too.

Fair is fair.

In the meantime, I will attempt to distract you with this.

full moon effect

Did it work? No? Oh well…

Secrets That We Keep – Chapter Twenty-Nine


9 comments on “Let me just apologize now…

  1. switbo says:

    Huh? What? I think my brain stopped working once I got to the picture.. Did you say something? 🙂

  2. I love you. I think full moon effect should be on my phone as the background image – but since my kids get their hands on it too often, that just won’t work….poor me.

  3. the Vikings succubus says:

    If we could get him to turn around………..

  4. I stopped listening as soon as I saw the Skarsporn. Maybe if I stare long enough he’ll turn around?

  5. adriana2230 says:

    Am I the only one that thinks that booty could use a little bit more oomph? I’ve always thought its a little flat. (Runs from the rock throwing fan girls)

  6. isismama says:

    Crazy things happen around the full moon.

  7. Trish says:

    Best. Distraction. Ever…. Seriously, I am 100% ADHD and not even a squirrel could have had my attention so quickly or thoroughly! Again! Again!

  8. McDoogle says:

    Want to touch the HINEYYYYYY

  9. momzombie says:

    I adore Askars as Eric but, he doesn’t win the beautiful behind award like SVM Eric. Seriously, the dude has an asscrack wider than the Grand Canyon. *ducks to dodge the rotten tomatoes thrown by fangirls

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