Let’s see if we can keep THIS a secret…

Remember this story?

TOTD Banner

Yeah…neither did wifey.

I was hemming and hawing over posting anything for it because I don’t know how long it’ll be in between updates to get the rest of it written. I have the next chapter after this one done and a good portion of the one after that, but I can’t guarantee my streak will hold out. I won’t post anything on FFN for this until I have it done because I don’t want to get their hopes up. At least you all know (and probably expect by now) my flighty ADHD could kick in at any given moment.

*runs after something shiny*

But since you all seemed to like me enough to follow me all the way over here, consider this my way of saying THANKS!

You rock!

But if you don’t care about any of that, how about we just watch this instead?

Isn’t he dreamy?


Tales of the Dead – Chapter 17


4 comments on “Let’s see if we can keep THIS a secret…

  1. kleannhouse says:

    you know i loved this story and i will wait patiently for you to finish it and yes i followed you over, lol my best Kristie

  2. You kidding? I’m so thrilled you’re finally updating again and I can wait forever since this is my FAVORITE of your Erics. *swoon*

  3. Yay!!! I’m so excited to have a new chapter for this story. I’ve been missing it a lot and totes adore this version of Eric.

    As for Askars, that man is adorkable in the best ways. He’s ruined a lot of women for any other man. LOL

    And you best believe I followed you over. I’d follow you anywhere! 😉

  4. Lily Dragonsblood says:

    hey i followed you over too! 😉 too good to miss!

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