I hate you Verizon!

I upgraded my Skarsberry for the new SkarsHung Galaxy Note 2 and only found out after the fact by doing so I no longer have unlimited data. Now Verizon is fucking me again because my home internet has been fucking off all day.  So if you’re interested the next chapter of Tales of the Dead is up. I already had it uploaded onto wordpress so I’m posting from my no longer unlimited data phone. I’m still trying to figure it out so there’s no link here, but you can find it on the sidebar.
I haven’t forgotten about Secrets That We Keep. The next chapter of that is nearly done so hopefully you’ll have it by tomorrow.
If Verizon isn’t still in fuck off mode.
*fuck off Verizon*


4 comments on “I hate you Verizon!

  1. EdgeofSomething says:

    That stinks! Thanks for the new chapter!

  2. elw2 says:

    Verizon pulled that same sh*t on me! I upgraded my 2-year old Droid for an iPhone, and they waited until I was standing in the store with the new phone switching all my contacts to tell me that I could give up unlimited data and pay $299 for the phone OR, I could keep unlimited data and pay full price of $799 for the phone. They are lucky that Verizon is the only carrier that gets decent reception in my neighborhood or I would have told them where to shove their unlimited data! I could have switched to AT&T, got the promo price for the phone AND kept unlimited data, but it gets poor reception where I live. A**holes!!

  3. Trish says:

    All phone company’s are out to fuck the customer! I have AT&T and they wham bam me all the time… Do I ever enjoy myself?! No!!! Greedy fuckers!!!

  4. bbrock525 says:

    If you change phones with my carrier now you lose your unlimited plan also. I hoped phone last forever.

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