Consider me spoiled…

And not in having unfettered access to a Swedish gracious plenty sort of way. I’m talking about the leaked spoilers for DEA, but I’m not going to say what the exact spoilers are so I don’t ruin it for anyone else who doesn’t want to know yet. However be warned if you continue to read this post, do so at your own risk because you’ll get an idea of what might happen if the spoilers are true.

For those of you who don’t know, I haven’t read an SVM book since Dead in the Family came out because I was too chicken shit over the direction CH seemed to be taking with our love birds. Wifey knows I also haven’t read the manual that came with my new phone and instead I rely on dumb luck and the guy in the office next to mine who has the same phone to move all of my Skarsy voice alerts from my SD card over so I can use them again.


*inserts video of my text alert sound*

I’ll admit I’m an optimist at heart. Good triumphs over evil. Boy gets girl. It may not come easily or happen overnight because how else can you learn to appreciate something you never had to work for. For the first 10 books Eric worked to get Sookie. Admittedly at first it seemed like it was for her telepathy, but I think that changed in Dallas. He saw her grit and mettle in escaping the FoTS and admired her warrior/survivor mentality – much like his own. Why else would a thousand year old cocky ass vampire care for her the way he did in treating her wounds? He followed her to Jackson. Do you think he gave two shits about Bill being abducted? He risked being ‘caught’ by a king to make sure Sookie was safe. He didn’t like “having feelings.”

Because he HAD them for her.

In my mind, book four was the catalyst. With Hallow’s fuckery he went straight to his heart’s desire.


The list goes on and on through the rest of the books. Considering I’ve only missed 2 out of 12, I think that says a lot. Did he fuck up here and there? Yes. Did she? Yes. No one’s relationship is perfect because life isn’t perfect.

So why would we expect an undead life to be perfect too?

And as a pretend writer I can see both sides. This is CH’s world that we’re playing in and she’s entitled to tell the story the way she wants to.

judging you

Okay. Maybe I don’t see things so clearly. My vision is 20/600 or something like that so I’ll blame smudged glasses.

But maybe it’s also because she’s been building up their relationship for the majority of the series and if the spoilers are true…


That would be like me ending Tales of the Dead with Sookie and Bill running off happily ever after because I mentioned early on he had a thing for her.

rolls eyes

Yeah. That makes TOTAL sense.

Hopefully the spoilers aren’t true. Hopefully Sooric get their HEA. I don’t want them riding off into the sunset together because that would be really uncomfortable for him, but you know what I mean.

But if they don’t. If I let my optimistic side peek out from behind the SVM Eeyore cloud hovering overhead, I can say I am still grateful for Charlaine Harris. It was her characters in True Blood that got me hooked and led me to her books. That led to me devouring the first eight of them within a week and gave me a sense of anticipation waiting for the next one I hadn’t felt since I was a little girl on Christmas Eve. It was what led me to discover fan fiction because I’m impatient and would peel back the tape on any present left out when I was little and her books were no different.  I didn’t want to wait and I’m so glad I didn’t. I fell in love with all new stories starring my favorite characters. I found a kinship with others who love them just as much as I do. It was what led me to try writing my own stories and now I can’t turn it off. Now with every song I hear and every situation I encounter, my mind automatically wanders to her characters and before you know it.

I have a fuck ton of incomplete stories I need to work on.

Because of both CH and you, the readers, I’ve even considered writing my own original works of fiction.I have a few chapters of two of them already written and an outline of a third. And even if they never amount to anything more than unfinished word documents on my laptop, they’re still a possibility I never would have had without reading her books.

Even her giving Sookie ‘the curse’ of telepathy has changed me. I have more than my fair share of faults. I’m human. But immersing myself in her world has made me a little better of a person. Whenever my mind wanders to the mean spirited or snarky side when someone crosses my path and I think something along the lines of “Jesus Christ. Don’t they own a full length mirror?” In the next second I’m chastising myself for being a bitch and look for something to compliment them on. Even if I never say any of it out loud.

Because Sookie makes me think, “What if they’re telepathic?”

Not that I believe they are, but if I’m thinking something I would never say to their face then I stop myself from having those thoughts.

*DISCLAIMER: This does not extend to when I’m driving. I WANT them to hear every nasty thought in my road rage head and get the hell out of my way.*

So even if the SVM series ends in a way I don’t want it to end, I will always be grateful to Charlaine Harris.

And I’ll be eternally grateful for fan fiction.

Tales of the Dead – Chapter 22


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  1. estrella75 says:

    …off topic, but i just glanced to my right and noticed the chapters list and such and..HOLY CHRIST was “All In” actually, actually 119 chapters?!

    …and having said that, i’ll just say THANK FUCK for the thankless job of fanfic writer that you do so well–for not one penny…I, for one, appreciate it. 🙂

    • kjwrit says:

      Hahaha…I had the same reaction every time I posted a new chapter for All In. That whole ‘never ending story’ thing legitimately scared me into thinking I’d never finish it.

      As for the whole free fan fic thing, knowing a few other writers myself, I can say that the response from the readers is our bread and butter. Hearing from you all that you’re just as invested in the stories we’re equally invested in creating is the cherry on top of the GP.

      But I won’t lie. I’d happily take that cherry on a GP if it was offered to me. 🙂

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said. I had the same experience as you — saw TB which drove me to reading the first 8 SVM books in a week :D. Love the world CH created and E/S as characters. Yes, they deserve a HEA, but they belong to CH, and she can choose not to give it to them. I don’t believe at all it had anything to do with Alan Balless — there’s no reason for her to be influenced by him, as she has always stated that TB is a different world and she’s fine with him taking characters in different directions (King Bill, anyone?). . She has dropped clues all along about with whom Sookie wouldn’t end up — she has always been adamant that Sookie would remain human and have a regular life span, which has never boded well for a Sooric HEA (or a god-forbid Bill/Sookie pairing).

    Like you, I am so grateful for FF — I was also inpatient for each new SVM book (and TB season), so discovering the world of FF and all the AUs that various writers have created for S/E has been a godsend — your stories are way up their on my list of favorites.

    I’ve read all of the CH books so far — and been less than thrilled the most recent ones. I may skip reading the last one because it will piss me off….but I’m so OCD that I might not be able to help myself. Maybe I’ll hold out until the SVM Coda comes out, so I can just read CH’s cliff notes on how all the characters’ lives unfold after the last book.

    Thank you for your wonderful writing — and giving us such enjoyable, AUs for S/E.

    • kjwrit says:

      Yes, it’s her decision to not give them a HEA. But did she have to be so MEAN about it?

      And you’re not the only one with OCD. I feared it would be my downfall in holding off on reading book 11. It’s why I own all 5 Twilight DVD’s even though I saw them in the theater and made fun of the bad acting even then. I needed to have the complete set. And now it’s become a sport when I make my boys watch them with me to see who can come up with the most ridiculous lines to go along with KStew’s constant constipation looks.

      Ate. Too. Much. Cheese. Ugh. My balloon knot is about to burst.

      But I digress…

      I managed to hold out. And now I’m so glad I did. I’m so far removed from the books that I’m totally okay with imagining my own ending with DITF. In fact I’d prefer to have it left up in the air like that than to what she’s done to them.

  3. arrggh — hate making stupid typos….”there,” not “their.”

    • kjwrit says:

      Does it make you feel any better that I ALWAYS notice those types of things when I read something someone else wrote, but I didn’t notice it in your comments? I obviously don’t read my own stuff enough to pick up on the typos, but like I said I’m impatient. Too impatient to use a beta. 🙂

  4. bbrock525 says:

    I loved the first 8 or 9 books. I read them in less than a week. 10 & 11 I was not happy with. book 12 just pissed me off. I know the last book I will need to throw things.
    Thank God for FF. I can get my fix of HEA. thank you!

    • kjwrit says:

      I begged for spoilers on book 11 from Dazed Rose since she lives in Australia where it came out before it did in the US. It was enough to make me crawl into the fetal position, so yeah. I’m glad I missed the train wreck. 🙂

  5. thefarmersdaughter says:

    I’m with everyone else…I loved the first books….. HATED 10 so much I just gave them up and found fan fic instead. Her Sookie always just pissed me off….
    That said I LOVE your stories…thank you for taking her characters and making them what they SHOULD have been…..

    • kjwrit says:

      I agree. 10 had it’s moments (isn’t that where they were in his house and she said she loved him and he replied, “And I you?” or something like that?) And now, well…*plugs ears and closes eyes not wanting to know*

  6. OposKneg says:

    You did it….you were channeling ME! Now I have to go find spoilers to catch up to you. I will be ever so sad (insert any words you would like instead here) if Sookie ends up will Bill or Sam or any other fool other than Eric…sigh.

  7. Judy says:

    Thank you for your comments on DEA & I have to say I agree with everything you mentioned. I would like to add to the comments by mentioning one other thing, which was betrayal. I just feel such a sense of betrayal, and as much as I adore SVM/TB fanfiction, I can’t seem to make myself read any right now. I guess I feel like I lost something…and I’m not sure how to get it back??? Am I making any sense? LOL Hopefully it will pass, as there are so many wonderful FF writers of this series, and I would say you are definitely a leader of the pack. 😉

    I won’t go on & on about the progression of Eric and their relationship throughout the series. I think you wrote it eloquently above, but I did have one question…If one of the reasons Sookie didn’t date Sam because not only was he her boss, but she could read his mind, especially with touch, then how the hell did this suddenly become resolved?

    It seems to me Sookie came full circle, without evolving. She ended up right where she started, wanting her white picket fence, normal life, probably passing her telepathy gene to her kids, which she didn’t want in the past. She didn’t embrace being a part of the supe world, but ran back to safety. I don’t know this Sookie; she seems foreign.

    I understand you not reading after DITF. I myself stopped reading after Dead Reckoning, and now, as far as I’m concerned, in DR, when Sookie breaks the blood bond & Eric arrives at her house, she tells him she loves him all on her own & they fuck like bunnies on the porch, THAT is where the series ends.

    So many of us within the SVM/TB community give Twilight a lot of shit for having sparkly vampires, myself included, but you have to say this about that series-at least Stephanie Meyer got it right and had her heroine choose a great love filled with passion, rather than settling on a normal life with the woofie.

    One last thing, and I promise to stfu. Shameless plug: Hemlock Grove- it’s a Netflix original series of the supernatural variety. They already have Season One, in its completion, available. I fricken love this show!! The first episode, I was interested in watch the next, but after episode two, I was hooked. It’s dark, very unpredictable, sexy, and original, and best of all, it stars Bill Skarsgard, and he is not only doing a good acting job, but he is so very yummy to look at. He’s like a younger, darker hair & eyes Alex, so adorable. I feel like a pervert with my old ass ( 40 yr. old) drooling over him. He needs to work on his accent, but he’s coming along nicely and I think we will see more of this young man in the years to come.

    Ok, fuck, I’m done!!


    • Chely Karst says:

      I agree with you on everything. Even Bill Skarsgard yummy. That family is the best.

    • kjwrit says:

      I admit I feel betrayed too. She wrote their relationship in a way that we WOULD become invested. Over and over she would bring them together and then take them apart again. Eric was always a part of her life in one way or another from the start. A CENTRAL part of her life for the majority of the series and for her to end things in the way she has/will makes me feel like it was all a lie.

      What was the point of it all if Sookie goes back to be exactly who she was at the start.

      Naive and content for any little scrap of “normal” no matter what she has to sacrifice of herself.

      Hopefully you do find a way to find your love of fan fiction again. God knows it saw me through the fuckedupness of the end of TB Season 4. Granted, it took me a year to back into it, but now I can just hate SVM Sookie as much as I hate TB Sookie. They’re a matching set in my mind.

      And I haven’t watched Hemlock Grove, but it’s a good reason for me to justify the $7.99 Netflix charges my checking account every month. I’ll definitely have to check it out. And I read an article with Bill Skarsgard (have to keep up with my future brother-in-law, lol) where he talked about needing to find a place to live in L.A. Maybe that was the house Skarsy was hunting for near the lemon trees doing Swedish sign language for making baby Skarsgards. :).

  8. Have I told you lately that I love you?
    Your postings brighten my day – and if you haven’t posted, then I read something you wrote before and that works as well.

    • kjwrit says:

      Aww…I love you too. 🙂 Sometimes I click the “Post” button after blathering on about whatever nonsense and then worry maybe you all will get put off by my crazy. I can’t help it. It’s genetic. On my mother’s side.

  9. adriana2230 says:

    I totally agree with you.

  10. bwtawny says:

    You’ve done a good thing here. You are helping us see the rainbows and unicorns in an otherwise crappy situation. I am surprised that you have not tried to publish original work. Several of the best FF authors out there are starting to do just that. If you all get famous then where will we go for our E/S loving? Very much enjoy your work and your blog. Looking forward. 🙂

    • kjwrit says:

      If anything, you can always be assured you’ll find rainbows and unicorns over here. And don’t worry about not having anywhere to go to find some E/S loving. It’s why my “original work” is only a few chapters along. Coming up with back stories and personality traits for characters? That shit is harder than it looks. It’s so much easier just to ride CH’s coattails and pick up somewhere in the middle. 🙂

  11. redjane12 says:

    Thank you for another fantastic posting… Your words on posts and in your stories always make my day… They are heartfelt and often hilarious so THANK YOU!

    Loved and agreed with everything you wrote here. I read every book in spite of the clear signs in the last 2 or 3 that not only E & S wouldn’t end up together but that their relationship would deteriorate inexorably. I also couldn’t help to HOPE being a hopeless romantic and believer in love triumphing over the odds… But it was not to be in this case and I can’t help to feel as if I had been punched in the gut.

    I definitely won’t read the last book because the spoilers I’ve read (and that unfortunately I believe are true) are even worse than just E&S not ending together; they end up being horrible to one another and that is not something I need to read.

    Still I am thankful to CH for creating them and for the first books… For now I just need to try and get over the current bitterness… I am curious about the fan reaction once the book is out… The E&S saga has been inspiring to so many worldwide…

    Of course the hopeful in me now hopes for True Blood to fix this mess… Unlikely I know but can’t help myself…

    • kjwrit says:

      I’m a hopeless romantic too. It’s why the way she’s ending the series is so devastating. My only saving grace is that knowing it and reading it as it happens are two very different things for me. The books are “real” which is why I can’t let myself read the last three. If I do, I’ll end up hating all of it and I’m too selfish and love them too much to do that to myself.

      As for TB fixing the mess, one can hope. They did great with keeping and expanding on Lafayette’s character and I loved Franklin more than I should have considering he was a bad guy. And don’t get me started on Russell and Talbot.

      LOVE. THEM.

      And while I hated them for making me hate Sookie, now she matches how I’d feel about SVM Sookie if I continued to read the books. I feel like Seinfeld. It all evens out for me in the end. 🙂

  12. loretta412 says:

    i get what your saying but all the storys that have sookie and eric so in love on ff and wp then to find out that they may not get their hea then theres tb rumors that eric might die its heart breaking they are like good friend because of all the wonderful storys you all write and to have both break them up ch and tb im real disappointed with both I hope fanfic and wordpress doesn’t stop writing sookie and eric love storys thank you for letting me vent my anger you are the best

    • kjwrit says:

      If True Blood kills off Eric (I REFUSE to believe it until it’s shoved down my throat like a dead and rancid unicorn horn), then my season pass and likely my HBO subscription will end then and there.

      Oh wait!

      I FLOVE Game of Thrones, so I won’t cancel HBO. But I’ll still be really mad at them and flip them off every chance I get!

      And if anything, with CH ending the series as she is I can only imagine it will UP the amount of Eric and Sookie love stories in fan fiction. Every Eric/Sookie shipper will feel compelled to give them the HEA we wanted them to have. Soon you’ll be flooded by the love. 🙂

  13. It only took one rumor to put me off reading after book 10. I refuse to read through all that angst. I’m glad to see that I was right and I saved myself the trouble. I’m definitely sticking to fanfiction when it comes to SVM from now on, especially the awesome stories you have here!

    • kjwrit says:

      Spoken like a lilmexicangirl88 after my own heart, lol. I. DO. NOT. LIKE. ANGST. And I’m glad that I (mostly) avoided it. Fanfiction is the place to be and the place where I’ll continue to go to get my fix. 🙂

  14. While I will defend a writer’s right to end their book or in this case a series the way they want. But CH has not only decided to not have Eric and Sookie get a HEA, she decided to blow up and destroy their whole relationship. A relationship she developed a devoted following for over a crazy amount of books. I could almost accept this end if she had Sookie end up as an accepted member of supe society or have Sookie complete the journey of accepting all of who and what she is and understanding the world she belongs in. But I seriously doubt that is what happens since CH has Sookie end up with Sam. A shifter who rejects the supe world and wants a normal life. He is also the character that has many times not supported her when she needed him. Ridiculous!

    • kjwrit says:

      Hell, I could even maybe (granted, it would be a BIG MAYBE) accept her choosing Sam if he’d been a central character in the series and not background filler. He was an option for all of five minutes in the first book when they went on their “date” to hear Bill speak at the DGD meeting. He was so far in the friend zone, I wouldn’t have blinked twice if they had a sleepover together doing each other’s hair and painting their toenails.

      To quote Wifey: What the everlasting purple sparkly fuck?
      (Seriously. It’s a quote. She texted it to me today.)

      And WHY OH WHY destroy EVERYTHING they had together? I read somewhere that she had wanted to kill off Bill at the end of book 9, but her “people” talked her out of because of Bill’s popularity on True Blood. So maybe she IS fed up with all of it and took out her anger on us.

      Her no longer loyal readers.

      Whatever her reasoning, I doubt she could ever make me see it. If I met her face to face I would thank her for writing the first 8 books and then walk away before I did something that would get me arrested. I’m saving my first arrest for when I meet Skarsy.

      She’s not worth it but HE is. 🙂

  15. sookielover says:

    Unfortunately, the spoiler you’re talking about is 100% TRUE. The book is out in Germany and it’s been confirmed by multiple sources.

    What CH does to Eric’s character is even worse. She has completely destroyed him.

    • kjwrit says:

      Did I say I was grateful?

      Maybe it was a typo.

      Maybe I’m actually hateful. Not really…but close to it just thinking about it all.

      And why WOULDN’T she completely destroy him? She gave him a sadistic rapist Maker. She showed us he’d retained a lot of his humanity by stripping away his memories so only the core of his character remained and we saw there was a good man still in there. She then snatched that back too and saddled him with Miss I’m Not Telling You What Happened If You Can’t Remember But I’m Still Going To Be A Royal Bitch About It Even Though It’s Not Your Fault!

      Hell, one could think I was Sookie and Eric was MY HUSBAND to be treated like that. 😉 At least me and Hubs are still sticking it out.

      At least until Skarsy shows up.

  16. luvvamps says:

    Yes a tissue alert is needed for this chapter too.
    After reading your author’s note I have to agree with you. If it wasn’t for CH and her SVM’s we would not have had your wonderful stories or all the other great fanfic writers to read about our favorite couple. For that I will always be great-full. I really hope you have many more stories to share with us. I will always be here to read them. I still haven’t got enough to let them go. Thanks.

    • kjwrit says:

      I didn’t even think about issuing a tissue alert. I was too worked up over shedding tears over their “real” story, lol.

      And yes, I have MANY more stories to share with you all. MANY MANY MANY more. But I’m going to work on finishing up TOTD and STWK and then TGR before digging out yet another new one. My brain can only handle so many Eric’s at once. 🙂

  17. valady1 says:

    Had to laugh at your description of how you came to the SVM world. It’s exactly what happened to me. Saw the 1st season of True Blood got curious and bought the first book..Then ran all over the area looking for the other books so I could read them..well more like devour them..and I wish I had stopped at book 8. The last 3 books sucked the joy out of Eric & Sookie’s relationship. And we now know it was apparently deliberate. I will be eternally grateful to CH for creating the wonderful world of SVM and the characters who populate it. I just wish she hadn’t stopped loving her children and decided to gut them in the last book. I’ve been in almost a state of mourning since last week when the news hit the internet about book 13. And today I finally decided I’m going to focus on what I loved about SVM..The orgy and Eric in pink spandex, the many, many times he saved her, book 4 **sigh**, the gracious plenty, the jar for orgasms, and Sookie & Eric dancing in Rhodes and her laughter when he throws her up into the air at the end of the dance. These are precious memories that we can all enjoy. And thank you for writing your stories and keeping our favorite couple together, as they should be.

    • kjwrit says:

      See? Just reading those last few lines made me smile remembering all of the things I loved about SVM. And I did and still do love them. Back then. And THAT is how I choose to always remember them. Just like I choose to NOT read about their demise. So thank you for making me remember what made it all worth it to begin with. 🙂

  18. AshleySueSLC says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I actually like Sam as a character. I would’ve been sad if he’d died, and it’s nice to see that he ends up happy in the end of it all. But, to me at least, it doesn’t really make sense for him to be with Sookie.
    I’ve heard and seen where CH has taken a LOT of flack from “fans” sending in hate mail saying that she’s writing the characters all wrong. And, while I can agree that the changes the characters in the last few books have seemed to be odd, it’s totally up to her what she does with them. While I fully support that anyone and everyone is welcome to their own opinion, you shouldn’t write to an author and tell her how to write her novels! It’s just rude and disrespectful. Yes, I TRULY believe that she should’ve ended the series a few books ago, and she’s only been continuing for the money, but as the author, that’s her right!
    My problems with all of this is that it feels like she’s ended things the way she has as a way to say “fuck you” to everyone who’s tried to tell her how to do things. And, while part of me says good for her for writing her book the way she wants to, part of me feels a little betrayed. I’ve spent a lot of time, and money, on her characters. For her now to tear apart everything she built just to spite those few disrespectful people seems just as rude and disrespectful. Yes, there are her characters and she’s the one who dreamt them up (for which I most certainly am very grateful). But let’s face it, if all of the readers weren’t buying her books, she wouldn’t be making any money on them. It’s like biting off your nose to spite your own face (or however that saying goes!!)

    • kjwrit says:

      I agree. If she did end the series as a giant fuck you to the crazies who inundated her with hate mail, then it’s a shame. But it doesn’t suprise me. I know, at least for me, when I write a lot of my own personality comes through in the characters. Seeing as how irrational and selfish Sookie could be in the books might be telling of CH. And wasn’t the series only supposed to be 12 books, but then she added on a thireteenth?

      I was happy about it at the time. I guess the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for,” exists for a reason.

  19. switbo says:

    I stopped reading after book 10 because the things I read online made me despair for the direction that she was sending her characters in, and now I’m really glad that I stopped when I did. Just reading these spoilers is sad enough. Eric is essentially sold into slavery/prostitution as far as I’m concerned by being forced into a marriage he doesn’t want, and he treats Sookie like shit to boot. Sookie marries someone that she doesn’t love and can presumably “hear”, in a desperate bid to be normal.

    Even Sam is getting screwed in my opinion. Yeah, he “gets” the girl, but he is always going to know that she really loves Eric and not him. How is that possibly going to make him happy in the long run?

    The whole thing is just sad and depressing. Thank goodness for all you wonderful fan fiction writers. I’m thankful to CH for creating the characters, but I will forever be angry and disappointed that she chose to shit all over them in the end.

    • kjwrit says:

      It is sad and depressing, which is why – like you – I won’t be reading it. I would’ve rather had her kill off Eric than what happens. Sookie would deserve to lose him in the end after all of the time she spent questioning both his and her own feelings.

      And as for Sam, I would have to care about him in order to care. Unfortunately she never wrote his character (in the first 10 books) in a way for me to become invested in him. Hell, I hated Bill, but at least I cared enough to hate him.

  20. ciarajazzy says:

    So Agree with you and am so pleased to see other people think the same. I never expected Sookie to end up with Eric even though 12 books built up the relationship and going on about love and hair the same colour WTF was that.about? huh?

    Sensible people always expected Eric to do what he needed to do for himself he’s a vampire not a romantic hero sensible readers know he’s bad ass that’s what they love about him But he truly does love Sookie and she him.
    The ending disappoints as much as I sort of expected it I just somehow hoped that things would be different. I think CH painted herself into a corner and wanted to end it her way.( the way she saw over 11 books ago) She milked Eric for all he was worth and that is a shame.
    In, my opinion it could have been a 5 book series and not 13.
    I feel gyped.

    Thank god for my own mind and decent FF writers like you

    I shan’t be committing suicide over it I shan’t be buying the book or starting another one of her series I can live with her choice but can she?


    • kjwrit says:

      I feel more than gyped, lol. With the way she built Eric up, I almost wonder if there’s a ‘real Eric’ in her past. One she was so crazy about, but in the end he didn’t want her, so now she’s taking out her anger on her Eric.

      And us.

      And True Blood.

      The fact she caved to the pressure to not kill off Bill because of his popularity on TB says a lot about her weak will.There were only 7 or 8 books when the show started. Back when she still loved her characters. So now that she gave the series such a depressing end leads me to believe the whole thing pisses her off no matter how many times she says she’s fine with what they did. Both her and Alan Ball ruined it.

      And Stephenie Meyer and J.K. Rowlings are laughing all the way to the bank, carrying their bags of money and CREATIVE CONTROL over their characters.

      • ciarajazzy says:

        Totally agree Have just read the spoilers , as I said I can live with Sam and Sookie ( would be hard for E/S to have a long term HEA without magic) but the rest makes no sense and the continuity of the story is all over the place.
        Eric has done so much during the books to help and care for Sookie I just don’t get the shafting and assassination of his character. He was always more honourable than Bill. Alcide FDC etc even if he was self serving vampire, could live with that.
        Pam has become like TB Pam – snarky and Bill gets his own back on Eric – he should be dead!!!
        The money must have been worth it to do so.

        I can’t bear to watch TB either after season 4 so will enjoy books 1-10. I think CH became tired of her characters didn’t like the popularity Eric produced – 5 books would have been enough.

        I liked Sookie for her strongness and conviction of her love but she too has been shafted.
        She is still knee deep in the supe world, though I think Eric does try to make things better for her in his marriage contract but he gets vilified for that too!

        Ah well you will have to write us a new DEA.
        And yes you could quite easily tweak your work to sell God if fifty shades of grey could you are streaks ahead.

        All the best, will be interested in the reviews come May 7th.


  21. verzealousreader says:

    Oh you have said it so well….

    Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel. I sorta feel like I’m having an out of body experience….in a totally not good way. I have looked forward to DEA for this entire year. I have tried to stay away from the spoilers but of course if you don’t live under a rock you know THE big spoiler. And I am unbelievably disappointed. It’s pretty pathetic but I have totally been in a funk ever since the word got out.

    I’ve read all the books. Yes the last two have been a challenge for Eric and Sookie, but they were together and trying to figure things out. This is what happens in real relationships (even between a vampire and a telepathic part fairy!). Things aren’t really pretty but you work hard to stay together. I believed with all my heart that the last book would be where Eric, defying all perceived reason would choose Sookie – the woman who accepted him and all of his past (and quite a past it was – ahem Appius) and somehow still managed to love him.

    I’m desperately trying to hold onto further judgments till I read the darn book. Yes – I will read it. I have to know. (I’m not saying I won’t throw the book across the room at some point, but I will read it.)

    This series of books has been all about Sookie’s life and her relationships. Book 1and2, Bill enters and sweeps her away but she garners the interest of the local sheriff, Book 3 Alicide has half a prayer with our girl, Book 4 enters a simpler Eric that finally manages to woo our girl. Book 5 both Eric and Sookie struggle with what they are doing and Eric grapples with these things called feelings, DD (6) brings Quinn, showing Sookie that there is more out there and Eric keeps grappling (and having hissy fits on porches when he doesn’t get his way), Book 7 ATD throws that pesky blood bond into the mix. Eric steps in and helps her in that tough situation even when it doesn’t do anything for him. From here on out it is all about Eric and Sookie. Yes the last 2 books have not been a joyride for Eric and Sookie but they were still together. So boom it’s done in book 13? What? Bill’s relationship with Sookie lasted what, 2 – 2 1/2 books, Alcide wasted his opportunity, Quinn stuck around for 2 – 2 1/2 books, and the rest has been Eric. What about Sam….the heralded HEA…Sam got a date in book 1 and then he was shelved firmly in the boss and friend category…for 12 books. So how on earth does CH make him to be a credible HEA.

    Sam…I like Sam, I really do. He’s been something that Sookie desperately needed in her life. He gave her a job and kept her on, even with her quirky behavior due to telepathy. He is a good man who happens to have crap taste in women! He has been Sookie’s best friend for book after book after book after book after book. So now they fall in love in half a book? What? It just seems rather flat and an easy way out. And how on earth does CH tie in the If I Had a Hammer short story that takes places AFTER DEA….Sam and Sookie sure didn’t act like ANYTHING had changed. So is the implication in DEA that they WILL fall in love….at some point….in the future….? What? Way to finish off an awesome book series CH [insert sarcasm here]!

    I feel awful for CH that the book was leaked and that there are crazies out that issuing death threats to her. It is a testament to her writing that she has so many of us so invested in her characters. And I would never dream to tell an author how she should write a book…it’s her book and apparently this is how she envisioned the ending way back at book 2. But then she should have moved Sam off the back of the friend shelf where he’s been gathering dust for years and situated him at least a little closer to Sookie’s romantic HEA shelf a few books ago.

    In the end I’ve always wanted Sookie to be happy, and I really hope she is….because I don’t think a lot of her fans will be.

    • kjwrit says:

      If that was how she envisioned her HEA way back in book 2, then I gave her more credit as an author than I should have. Or maybe it was my own fault for viewing her books as Romance with a side of Mystery. But she wrote them in a way for me, at least, to become invested in Eric. Her claims that she doesn’t get the fuss because, “at heart Eric is a bad man,” to me means she doesn’t know how to write her own characters. She should’ve shown us his bad character when he lost his memories instead of making him so damn lovable. Show us that at his core he is evil.

      Don’t get me started, lol.

      Anyway, I agree. She should’ve made us feel invested in Sam if that’s who she wanted Sookie to end up with and not to have it all blow up in her face. And the way she does it? Well…

      You’ll see.

      • verzealousreader says:

        Yes – Eric is a bad man. He is no saint. But he is a bad man who has developed feelings and then fallen in love. We have been told over and over again how out of ordinary this is. How Eric hasn’t been the same since he fell for Sookie. The last two books have seen Eric deal with and fight his makers last order and struggle with the weight of vampire politics since it is at odds with what he wants.

        Maybe CH didn’t set out to write romance books….they were supposed to be mysteries. But geez after the first few the mystery part of the books disappeared…. So what did she think she was writing? After way too much reflection, I think CH has written a character that her readers loved more than she did. So she keeps writing and writing and I would assume through her fan letters and website that she has an idea how much people love Eric and Sookie together. If her game plan all along was Sam why didn’t she make Eric be even more of an ass and have Sookie get sick of him? Why didn’t she show Sookie having a romantic feeling toward Sam in the past how many books? Why, Why, Why? If this was her vision and her intent for Sookie then she did a crap way of getting there…

        If CH doesn’t get the fuss then she hasn’t been reading what she herself as written and she definitely hasn’t been paying attention to her fans….

        It’s kind of like a trainwreck at this point I can’t look away even though I’m terrified at what I”m going to see…. Oy!

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