Yep…It’s DEA Day




Moving on, I would like to thank everyone who voted for me for the 2013 Fangreader Awards. All In won 1st Place in both Best Alternate Universe

Laffy  Award[4] 2013

and Best Comedy

Jason Award_thumb[2] 2013

and Secrets That We Keep took 2nd in Best Comedy too.

Even after all of this time I am still humbled and amazed by all of you who are not only willing to read my typographical error filled dribble, but seem to enjoy it as well.

Thank you.

And I promise not to betray you by making Eric a *insert DEA spoiler bullshit here*

Secrets That We Keep – Chapter Thirty-Two


11 comments on “Yep…It’s DEA Day

  1. Congrats on your wins! And you’re right. Sooric will live on in ff writers like you. Thanks!

  2. theladykt says:

    Congrats and ROFL

  3. redjane12 says:

    D.E.A…. Day Everyone Agonizes… That’s brilliant… Thanks for supplying much better reading over here…
    Well done on the awards!

  4. christicdc says:

    Thank you for giving us a chapter to read on this day. I would much rather read your stories than the latest book.

  5. msstitcher says:

    Day Everyone Agonizes indeed, I pre-ordered and then un-pre-ordered the damn book so many times my hubby thought that I had finally lost the plot. But just thinking about Eric running off and being a concubine for 200 years makes me angry, (unless he is my concubine for 200 years in which case I claim the right to be hypocritical) Congratulations on your Fangy awards! They are very well deserved and I would much rather read your stories at the moment so Yay for another chapter 🙂

  6. msbuffy says:

    OK, don’t call me a turncoat! I did get my book today & I’m going to read it despite all that’s been spoiled. I was in Eric’s corner all the way knowing CH does not write conventional HEA’s but was hoping she would with this one…who knows what she’ll have to write in “After Dead?” I’m crossing my fingers for a surprise when we get Sookie’s update. From what I’ve heard about the ending, she & the other one aren’t off making puppies or moving in together, or even picking china patterns. She’s still on her own, and if that HAS to be the ending over Eric, then that’s OK with me. I think it sends a good message to young women that you don’t need to have a man by your side to validate you. You can be independent & interdependent. I wouldn’t want to be anyone’s side dish no matter how much they may have sacrificed, or appeared to have sacrificed. It’s a shame. I wish she would have written them as finding a solution to staying together.

    We always have your wonderful stories as well as others to keep the dream alive, make us jump in cold showers, reach for our cigarettes, and make sure our batteries are stocked!!!

    Congratulations again on all your well deserved wins…and typos? There are typos in your stories? Never noticed. Not a one. And I’m a book proofer.

  7. maxie730 says:

    Congratulations on your awards! I really enjoy reading your stories…Can’t wait to see where you take Stay and am really enjoying STWK. 🙂

  8. valady1 says:

    You deserve the wins, you’re a talented and seriously funny writer. And boy do I need some of your good stuff today. Glad I saw the spoilers last week so I’m a week ahead of people finding out today..Got a jump start on the grieving process.

  9. veryzealousreader says:

    Yay! Thank goodness for fanfic and for wonderful authors like you to entertain us with Sooric!

    I stayed away from the spoilers – except for the major HEA spoiler that you had to be dead not to hear – and I read the book yesterday. The last couple weeks have been dreadful. I was glad that I knew … it helped me prepare. Was I happy that Eric left? NO. Did I think he made a mistake? YES. But I do think that CH made it somewhat credible…. I still have some major issues with her pulling Sam off the dusty shelf and making him be THE one. Eric is such an epic character … sigh.

    So I’m extra glad for fanfic today because Eric will continue to live on and on and be the HEA in so many stories! Congrats on your wins! You always make me laugh and somedays that is SO needed!!!

  10. msbuffy says:

    OK, I read the book & agree with what veryzealousreader says above – except for “pulling Sam off the dusty shelf & making him be the one.” Having read so much of the spew about the book – how CH rips apart Eric & Pam, the vampires, and Sookie ends up the Dog, blah – it IS all credible, and it’s a really good book! CH wrote a forward wherein she states she knows she “won’t be making everyone happy” and she’s writing the ending her way, “the way I always intended…”. It’s not as though she ever lied – she’s always said she had the ending planned from the first book, and there were clues all through the books – and there were. I don’t know how many times folks have read them, but I’ve read the first 9 enough times that I can quote most of them verbatim, and the clues are there – glaring after awhile.
    Did I want it to end that way? Hell, no! Did I know it was going to end that way? Unfortunately, yes. I do like Sam though; look at it this way, Sookie could have gone back to Bill. Now THAT would have all of us in the Cardiac Units after the riots.

    We still have the wonderful world of FF, all of these great blogs that writers like the talented & wonderful KJ have started (along with Missy, Meg, Scribe, and oh-so-many-others) where Sookie & Eric along with his gracious plenty & her telepathy (or not) can live happily ever after. As they should.

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