I’m not a psychic, but I play one on the internet…

At least it feels that way after seeing the sneak peeks at the upcoming season of True Blood, but it only served to light a fire under my ass and get back to working on this:

TGR banner

Only Skarsy could look edible no matter what shmootz they heap on him. Raise your hand if you lust a concrete covered Eric!

Concrete Eric


The Great Repression – Chapter Fifteen


5 comments on “I’m not a psychic, but I play one on the internet…

  1. RedJane12 says:

    Honestly I am more excited about The Great Repression than I am about the upcoming (probably last) season of True Blood…

    And yay concrete never look THIS good…

  2. luvvamps says:

    Raising my both my hands and jumping up and down!!!!!

  3. kleannhouse says:

    oh i thought cement Eric was pretty damn sexy , but i will take him any way …than includes AS too, i would take him anyway he came to me….. Kristie

  4. crow says:

    Yessss great repression…. thank you!!!

  5. It is going to be the second to the last season of True Blood. As for the TGR , I can’t wait to read this chapter. The TB writers would be lucky if they get half as creative as you.

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