You won’t find my brand of genius in any Apple store…

Never mind my anti-Apple-what-do-you-mean-I-can’t-download-anything-that-didn’t-come-from-your-iTunes-monopoly stance, but I’m lucky just to know how to turn on the TV/typewriter thing with Skarsy’s face on the screen. Wifey will attest to this as she got a good long laugh at my text saying, “My new phone scrolled something across the top from you but I can’t find it!”

G-Chatting with me works more like G-Scat because everyone involved is shit outta luck.

Anyway, I tell you this because when I did the doo-hickey thing (bask in my techno-genius jargon) in my last post that highlights the words I want to link to somewhere else, I filled the little shadowed box in with the wrong thing when linking the TGR teaser.

*Please see above post title disclaimer*

So, if you clicked on the link from your email it would’ve taken you off into the Fae realm, or something like that. I fixed it on the actual page, but there’s no way to mulligan that bitch back from your email accounts to make it work there too. But if it makes up for anything, there’s this:

Stay – Chapter 7 – Radioactive

And while I haven’t written a single word of the next chapter, I posted the chapter title and accompanying video on the teaser page if you’re interested.

Stay Teaser


5 comments on “You won’t find my brand of genius in any Apple store…

  1. It’s true that you’re techtarded (try looking for the Talk app that’s on your phone because my chat says that you’re pretty much always logged in lol), but I still love the shit out of you so I guess it doesn’t matter. What you lack in techie skills you make up for in yelling in Vietnamese curse words.

  2. This is my absolute favorite story ever written by you, I think. I get ridiculously happy every time I get the new chapter notification so thank you for making my Friday! It’s been an annoying week in the work world.

    Also, I just have to say that I really enjoy your opening comments/rants/whatever you want to call them. It really makes us readers feel like we know you and you’re freakin’ hilarious.

    So basically… thanks. 🙂

  3. lostinspace33 says:

    I’m pretty sure your brand of humor can’t be found in any Apple Store either, and that truly is a shame. ; )

  4. sweetmg says:

    At least you took us on a detour to a nice, juicy (albeit older) chapter!!! It was definitely a fun re-read!!

  5. bbrock525 says:

    Do you have a galaxy tablet? I was looking at one today. It was a small one. I liked the size. All i would really use it for would be to read on. I love my kindle but I can’t read my ff stuff.

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