It’s been TWO weeks?

Where in the hell has the time gone?

I know there was work…

Every Time
Picture courtesy of a bored fanfic wife.

And Boss Man came for a weeklong visit and dragged me around with him showing off his shitastic driving skills…

“I am NOT gonna die because of your shitty girlfriend and a Mississippi pothole!”

Then there were the 25 episodes of The Walking Dead I had to get caught up on and I’ll admit to having a new minor crush.

Please Daryl, QUIT killing all of the cute furry and feathery things already! KTHXBAI.

But nothing will ever surpass my MAJOR crush. And in keeping with the zombie theme, there’s this:


Anywho, there’s also this:

All In – The Flip Side – Chapter 4


One comment on “It’s been TWO weeks?

  1. jc52185 says:

    Daryl is quite a good minor crush to have lol.

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