This one time, at Vamp Camp, I stuck a stake in my…


…skull because seriously?




Why would we when you know he’ll just come back via:


Now granted, I still haven’t watched any of Season 6, but I can’t see myself ripping tissues from the box and snotting at the TV, “Why? WHY?!?!” when I finally watch Terry go into the big foxhole in the sky.

I. Just. Don’t. Care.

In fact, since the show is called True Blood, I think they should concentrate on the vamps more than anything else. From what I’ve read and heard from work wife, the parts with the wolves and shifters are the designated times to go pee if you have to. And Sookie…well…I still haven’t forgiven her from Season 4 when she was all, “I still love Bill.” And now she’s fucking faepires in top of a grave?

I doubt Gran would approve.

What. Ever.

Anywho, there’ll be no therapy sessions for Pam or UFC cage matches to be found here:

The Great Repression – Chapter Seventeen


10 comments on “This one time, at Vamp Camp, I stuck a stake in my…

  1. Gwynwyvar says:

    Thought it was a Merlotte’s character. I saw an quote from the guy that plays ‘Andy’ say ‘it was hard to say goodbye to some-one you worked with for years… Considering ‘Detective Andy’ has bugger all to do with Vamps I figured it wasn’t Eric… Which means more ASkars sexiness, so I’m good. After I worked that out, I didn’t really care who died…. Does that make me heartless? Meh, whatever =D

  2. twodognite says:

    Hell to the yes to what you wrote! Terry? Really? Maybe that’ll mean less Arlene, and that’s something to get happy about. Sookie is so lame (is it just me, but gf has lost too much weight. It’s seriously off-putting) but Ben/Warlow is kind of a hottie.

  3. redjane12 says:

    I couldn’t agree more! All the fuzz about not a secondary but tertiary character… Nice guy Terry but seriously, doesn’t change much in TB that he’s gone… and yeah the whole thing is a mess but hey, at least unlike with the books, I managed to stop watching after Season 5…. though I can’t help but read spoilers here and there just because I am an addict… I hate that they make Sookie such a lame illogical character who goes from rejecting a vamp who is helpful to her to screw a crazy ass one who’s stalked her for millenia on top of a grave… Geez

  4. estrella75 says:

    I will say i never bitched up so much for a useless storyline character…but they MADE his end much more sad than it would have been. plus, i’ve always had a soft spot for terry from the books. 😦

    but i do believe a vamp is bout to die, and i wont even shed a tear over that one, if i’m right.

  5. honulvr says:

    I’m still wondering if that was THE death that we were all warned about. It just doesn’t make sense, although, while we all think of him as tertiary, he has probably gotten as much screen time as our viking since they would never stop having those ridiculous 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th storylines never seeming to realize that we not only didn’t care about them, but they actually made people stop bothering with the show. On another note, I don’t care how nice Tara seemingly is to little Willa and Jessica, I still hate that she is a vampire of Eric’s line. It is wrong and I hate it. On the Sookie front, I’m with you that I have yet to forgive the whole ‘I still love Bill’ crap from that S4. There was a flash that she was finally figuring it out when she tried to stake Billith, but in all honesty, I actually have a strong dislike for the character they have created with Sookie on TB. She does not deserve Eric at all and I wish that they would introduce a new character on the show that is a gorgeous Telepath that doesn’t act like a dumbshit freak and have Eric be with her. Ben-low is actually kind of hot and I don’t hate him, but again, they make Sookie a total dumbass again because she is sitting there about to kill him and tells him that she hates Bill because he lied about his intentions and hid why he was really there, but when Ben-low does it it’s fine that he not only didn’t say he was Warlow, but he hid the fact that he was a vampire!! That’s okay though because she recognizes that he saved her life a couple times, never recognizes the number of times Eric’s done that, but lets have sex with Ben-low since we trust him now that he said he would tear up the marriage contract. Maybe it’s just me, but having a marriage contract from back in the day when that was common practice for a vamp that is from a few thousand years ago was really the MOST ACCEPTABLE thing he did!! She’s mad about a marriage contract, which was the practice when it was signed, but could care less about his lying. Again, stupid dumb freak!! I hate that they have basically made all the characters stupid. After the debacle that the books I’ll never read turned out to be, I cannot help but be thankful to you awesome fanfiction writers. The reason I love this series is that it created a few of the greatest, sexiest and most interesting characters ever written in Eric, Pam and Sookie (in that order). However, the only place that those characters reach their full potential is in the fanfiction world. I firmly believe that CH and AB came to hate the characters CH created and I think she made them all suffer because of it.

    • aolani08 says:

      The fanfiction writers are my savior too but really good stories are often not completed. As for Sookie/Benlow/Billith crazy train. I’m happy Eric didn’t board and left with his own business to do. Sookie now you get what you get and don’t throw a fit. Especially once Bill gives Benlow the maker command to hand you over. Thank god for Willa new arrival of the northman clan. She saved the show. I guess I will fast forward through all of Sookie/Benlow/Billith dialogue

  6. 88spike says:

    @ “And now she’s fucking faepires in top of a grave?”

    Because that worked out so well for her the *first* time she fucked a vamp on a grave! ;D

    I am betting the Benlow / Lillith-is-my-maker turns out to be the plot device they use to reunite the soul mates. I can’t help but see Bill “saving” Sookie from whatever fucked upness comes when Benlow lifts the veil and the magnitude of Sookie’s stupidity is revealed. Again. Sookie will be so grateful she’ll stop singing ‘we are never ever ever getting back together’ to every new stranger on her path, declare it destiny and miraculously ‘forget’ she is ‘dead to him’ or an ‘abomination’ or he fucked his gggggd…

    Sookie will spawn a miracle faepire baby courtesy of Benlows glowstick meeting her fairy glow snatch giving her the ONE thing Bill couldn’t, they can be a ‘real normal like family’ and will ride off into the sunset……

    At which point Bill will burn to ash because Sookie unknowingly transferred her light/spark to Benlow, leaving Bill unaware her blood isn’t vamp sunscreen any longer 😉

    If wishes were horses

    P.S. whoever it was that wished for a fabulous beautiful new telepath (or something much better) walking into Eric’s path, kicking dirt in fairy snatches face….I second that. Sookie’s a bore.

  7. ashleysueslc says:

    As much as I’m relieved that it was Terry (cautiously optimistic that WAS what we were warned about), it made me a little sad, too. I think they cast the PERFECT actor for the role. I think Todd Lowe did a great job with it. I also thought that having him die in his wife’s arms while she sang a lullaby was the most precious way to have him go out. His light had been filled with so much violence, to have a bit of gentleness at the end was what the character deserved.

  8. jc52185 says:

    I feel kind of bad but if this was the big death we were warned about, it’s almost a relief that it is Terry. I liked his character and I think the actors did a great job with the scene but I feel it would have been a stronger scene if we if a ‘main’ characters death wasn’t hinted at so many times. They over did it with the teasing of it and it took away from the scene in my humble opinion.

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