My last few days as told through Skarsporn…

“Hello Boss Man’s Boss Man.”

Hey yeah
“Hey…yeah, aren’t you the one from that thing…a long time ago…at that conference…oh wait…I probably shouldn’t bring that up, huh?”

“You want to see WHAT report?”

“Well you see, out here in the field those reports are useless and only kept for douchebags – *cough* *like yourself* *cough* – to flip through even though you have the same exact information available to you from the same exact systems I would print them out from. Save a tree, why don’t ya and busta move on your BlackBerry.”

circular file
“No? Well then let’s check the circular file, shall we?”



“Not there.”


“Yes sir, Boss Man’s Boss Man sir. I think you’re doing a swell job too.”
*the fuck?*

*whispers disbelievingly* “Is he gone?”

“Hallelujah thank ten pound sweet baby Jesus.”

So yeah, that’s basically how it went. 🙂

Playing God – Chapter 3


8 comments on “My last few days as told through Skarsporn…

  1. msstitcher says:

    Holy hellfire I wish my week played out in SkarsPorn!! Where do you get it all?! I am becoming more and more convinced that you are actually stalking him…….*WHISPERS* I won’t tell anyone, *COUGCOUGHNUDGENUDGEWINKWINK* I have a girly 6 yr old sleepover going on in the upstairs of my house, which is petrifying and my husband has officially locked himself in our bedroom,so when they finally get to the sleeping part of the SLEEP over later I will be treating myself with this next chapter so thank you for posting at a very opportune moment 😉

  2. kleannhouse says:

    loved the commentary. i think bosses are all the same, dumb asses. mine is due back next week and i am not looking forward to the drama .

  3. Adriana says:

    Loved the week in Skarsporn Review. 🙂 I’ve often wondered what you would do if one day you ran into the real thing at Starbucks or some other place. Would they have to call the cops and the jaws of life to extricate you from his body? Or would you faint dead away and hope for mouth to mouth? Hmmm…

  4. McDoogle says:

    OMG! we had the same week!
    only yours looks prettier

  5. msbuffy says:

    OMG! I am so glad I’m my own boss! Sorry about your week, but I bet you’re very happy it’s Friday! Thank you for the Skarsporn!

  6. meridiean says:

    Boss…Ass…safe dif’…

  7. redjane12 says:

    You do realise that when the outcome of the boss’s boss visit is that you produce this Skarsporn magic and a story like Playing God, I can’t help but like this dude no matter how much of a doucheboss he is…

    Seriously great gifs & commentary….

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