Perhaps there was some miscommunication…

But considering a few of you were surprised Sookie and Eric came to a meeting of the minds – and baby making bits – so soon, I’ll take the time now to remind you:

Playing God

Wealthy, a playboy, and a genius to boot, Eric Northman lives his life without regret and without apology. But when his own life hangs in the balance, it’ll take more than his own ingenuity to save himself. Namely, his Executive Assistant, Sookie Stackhouse.

See? This isn’t that kind of story where they run around each other pretending they’re not smitten – her kitten with him and him with her kitten. At least, not for very long. So, that being said, there’s actual plot here in these parts o’er yonder, more than porn.

But porn has its place and will be added when needed.

Like in the next chapter.

And because ficlit78 was so jazzed about the cartoon pic in the last post, wifey made her into a cartoon too because – as I mentioned previously – she rocks.

Ficlit78 in all of her cartoon-y goodness.

And because wifey likes to test the strength of my bladder control:

Going Down

And finally this, which makes me lol for numerous reasons:

Same Cloth

Playing God – Chapter 8


6 comments on “Perhaps there was some miscommunication…

  1. Oh the pretty purple panties…

  2. Heather says:

    BA HA HA HA HA HA HA! And now my own panties are ruined. With pee. Cuz it’s funny. So damn funny!

  3. kleannhouse says:

    the cartoons were awesome, i am still laughing Kristie

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