Damn y’all…

I give Sookie the boot and everybody’s pissed off. I’ll admit it. I was amused, but then I already know what’s going to happen. Most of you were quick to throw Eric under the bus, so I feel the need to defend my fanged honey by reminding you:

1. Eric doesn’t realize how much of a douchebag he sounds like at first when telling Sookie to leave and not come back. His thoughts directly after that statement reflect that when he thinks he can just call her once he knows he can control himself around her.

2. Eric is a brand spanking new vampire. The very first one. He’s his own maker. There’s no one to guide him. No idea of what he’s doing or how he’s going to react in any situation. He knows he’s craving her blood. He knows he’s fighting off the urge to bite her. He doesn’t know if he’d be able to stop himself from killing her.

3. We all see Victor as a threat. They do not. They see him as an asshole and a thief, respectively (not that they’ve shared that information with each other yet), but still. To them he’s harmless.

4. A highhanded Eric should not be something new to anyone. This one is nearly as clueless as canon Eric when it comes to relationships. Sookie is his first and he wants to protect her. But this time he wants to protect her from himself. He knows he’s hurt her, but he also knows how stubborn she is and knows she wouldn’t leave if he told her the truth. He thinks he’s doing what’s best for her because he loves her.

5. The Skarsicorn in the top right hand corner of this webpage should really say it all when it comes to the crap I churn out. Rainbows for everyone!

But if you prefer your explanations in picture form, I give you this:

i can haz fangs
Eric is feeling a bit like this right now.
(I already felt like a monster.)

how's you doin
And a lot of this.
(Feeling the blood pulsing through her body as it was pressed against my own was making me hard.
And hungry.)

Mixed in with a fair amount of this.
(But feeling her emotions so strongly only reminded me I was a maybe monster and I didn’t want her anywhere near me until I knew what that meant. Until I knew I could control myself around her.
Because if I accidentally hurt her, it would kill me.)

But worry not…

He’ll grow into this.

And regain this.

So we can get back to this.

There. All better? 🙂

Now this next chapter took me a little longer because I wrote two versions of it. I’m going with the less emo version, so now what you’re stuck with is more plot! No porn! Less angst! And as always, zero calories!

Playing God – Chapter 13



8 comments on “Damn y’all…

  1. estrella75 says:

    Porn and angst sounds enticing lol

  2. msstitcher says:

    We know you will give them a happy unicorny rainbowy ending, but we are allowed to be in uproar at her being kicked out 😉 I love the pic of Skarsgard at comicon up there – it kind of looks like he has a halo, but that if he had a halo it should kind of be wonky from the smoulder.

  3. Karin says:

    Please feel free to explain with pictures often! He’s such a yummy man.

  4. bytemebillB says:

    Jeez Louise folks! You really think he wouldn’t send Sook away because he thought he’d hurt her? And ya gotta have a little angst to keep things interesting, LOL!!!

  5. msbuffy says:

    Thank you for the explanations by numbers & pictures. Especially the pictures.

  6. redjane12 says:

    Love your skars-illustrated author notes…
    And it is all your fault for making ‘Playing God’ Sookie such an awesome character (you know unlike Sookie in some TV Show out there) that it is just inevitable to root for her and jump at Eric’s sexy throat when he does something that hurts her, even if ‘for her own good’…

  7. I’ve never read a single one of your posts without smiling and at very least, chuckling. Any day that a new post lands in my inbox is automatically a good day. 🙂

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