A picture preview…

sookie crying
She’ll be…

eric 2
And then he’ll be all…

angry sookie
And she’ll be…

And even this guy knows it.

snarling sookie
And then she’ll be…

And then he’ll be…

Eric Sookie kiss
And then maybe they’ll be…

Um…yeah. That about covers it.

Playing God – Chapter 14


4 comments on “A picture preview…

  1. Your picture previews are so precious! They never fail to make me chuckle. : )

  2. storiesforevyfanfiction says:

    So apparently Yahoo is still having a meltdown because my reply to you is still showing outgoing. Meg’s took forever a few days ago so if it finally shows up tomorrow just delete it. Anyway, I can tell you on here that you made my inbox happy and at the same time you saved me from wrestling with yet another cardboard box…..I would have won so the box thanks you.

    This chapter was amazing but I have to say this is my favorite line: A superhero wouldn’t treat someone they claimed to care about like trash…..

    In love with this story for so many reasons and as always, in awe of that brain of yours. 🙂

  3. msbuffy says:

    Your A/N’s & picture previews are the best! They leave me laughing or drooling – sometimes both!

  4. Gwynwyvar says:

    As always I loved the chapter, but I had to say… Girl, you make me laugh! I love your email messages by Skarsporn!

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