Seriously, this is it…

This is the last post I’m making today. Hubs has been giving me the wonky eye all day long as I’ve sat out on the patio with my laptop during my all-day-long smoke break and since we’re sharing, I’ll admit I really need to pee. But also since many of you said an untidy house is in no way a bad reflection on me and having a ‘cookbook’ collection consist of a stack of takeout menus, I’m taking your word for it, so here’s the final chapter for Stay.

But since I also can’t in good conscience post something without Skarsporn, here’s something else I’ve wasted time making in the past few days because it’s true.


But it doesn’t take away the urgent feeling in my bladder. Also true. 🙂

Stay – Epilogue – I Belong To You


2 comments on “Seriously, this is it…

  1. Trish says:

    You said it. Season 6 smashed all of my hopes and dreams and the prospect of a B/S/A triangle just makes me want to yak! This Skarsporn does take away some of the bitter pain.

  2. I heart you so bad sometimes. LOL

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