Happy Birthday To The Man I Want To Be (with)!

Our favorite fella turns 37 today, but I doubt any age would look bad on him.

DJ Jazzy Alex
Although he either has his SHUT UP! face on or this is Swedish Gangsta Style.

Getting his groove.

Losing his groove.

Anywho, because we’re celebrating, I have two chapters for you today. I might even have another Love Somebody done later on, so it couldn’t hurt to check back. But for now there’s a new Playing God and The Man I Want To Be. I also added the videos to the songs on the summary pages for two out of three. The Man I Want To Be is sung by some country guy I can never remember. Probably because I enjoy the sight of Adam Levine in the Love Somebody video too much to care.

And I should warn you now, PG Sookie gets roughed up a bit because my subconscious mind must still want to cut a TB/SVM bitch.

Playing God – Chapter 19

The Man I Want To Be – Chapter 2


4 comments on “Happy Birthday To The Man I Want To Be (with)!

  1. Adriana says:

    (looks back at the very long line of males and females)

    Damn, it’s going to take a while to get up to the front to wish him a happy birthday….maybe even to his next birthday if PEOPLE DON’T STOP CUTTING IN!! Hey blondie! Yeah, you! get your ass back in the line like everyone else!!! Anywho… that last photo…oh thighs…heavenly thighs…I just want to climb all over them…

    ANYWAY, I am happy that you are posting Love Somebody later because I just fell in love with that one. They are so cute!! And a squealing Hadley just sealed the deal for me. 🙂 Lord knows, I wish I had a cousin like that to help me pretty dead dating life.

    HEY! No pushing!!!

  2. Thanks for the twofer for Askers b-day!

  3. kleannhouse says:

    thank you for our present. the country song was sang by Chris Young KY

  4. Danm girl! lololol….I love your header!

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