He is my Sunshine…


My only Sunshine
He makes me happy
When skies are gray

He turned 16 today. My baby.


He refuses to wear a cape anymore, but – like his mommy- he still has an affinity for superheroes. He also refuses to eat cake, or cookies, or brownies, so maybe he’s not really my kid because I don’t see how I could have passed on that gene to any child of mine. But it’s why I’m able to post now instead of singing Happy Birthday to him off key over a slab of baked batter covered in buttercream.

I’ll just have to do it over his Papa John’s pizza when it gets here.

Love Somebody – Chapter 6


3 comments on “He is my Sunshine…

  1. They grow up sooooo fast!

  2. chileah says:

    if you think it’s hard at sixteen wait until you are watching them take their wedding vows I cried like a baby myself. They do grow up so fast. At least you have a couple more years. He was an adorable superman though.

  3. msstitcher says:

    My baby starts school tomorrow so I can only imagine how you are coping with a 16th birthday! They are our babies for such a short amount of time

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