What I still don’t know…


Does she know why the UNLEADED gas I put into my car actually had DIESEL mixed in with it and THAT was why my car kept stalling on me? Or better yet, does little Maisie know when the gas station responsible will be reimbursing me the $1700 it cost me to get that shit fixed? THAT would be helpful.

I also don’t know what the…


Perhaps said gas station doesn’t know I’m thisclose to releasing my Bitch-Kraken on them? Or maybe it has more to do with Skarsy’s on-screen wife and her real life husband’s Beetlejuice appearance on the VMA’s?

And I still don’t know why they went towards…

Is it because there are too many twerk-offs out West? Or is there diesel in their unleaded fuel tanks?

What I do know is all three DVD’s are collecting dust on top of my even dustier coffee table, but perhaps one day I’ll find the time to watch them. Or dust the coffee table.


But in the meantime…

Love Somebody – Chapter 8


4 comments on “What I still don’t know…

  1. Adriana says:

    Or you could do what i do, dust them and the coffee table. 🙂 I have DVDs that I haven’t had the time to watch so they’re on the coffee table too. A quick pass with Swiffer should give some semblance of cleanliness and control. At least that’s what I tell myself to make me feel better.

  2. Did you get hit by one of the NJ gas stations that somehow “accidentally” had jet fuel in their pumps? We had a few of those in Mercer County… fortunately, we station shop and hadn’t hit any of them when that was going down.

  3. kaykuls24 says:

    I watched ‘disconnect’ the other night, it was actually really good.

  4. Jen says:

    Still haven’t seen The East or Disconnect yet, but What Maisie Knew was completely adorable. ASkars was very amnesiac-Eric-sweet. And the little girl… spent the whole movie just watching her expressions.

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