Where has the time gone?

Really? It’s been THAT long?

I’ll just blame the government shutdown. And I’ll do you all the favor of not jumping onto my soapbox about that clusterfuck, but my bank account and Wells Fargo would greatly appreciate them getting their act together.

Let’s look at Skarsporn to feel better, shall we?

Feel better
Seems I’m not the only one looking to feel better.

Feel better 2
Proof positive my stringy theory must work since that guy looks positively ecstatic.

So try to hold onto those kinds of feelings when you read the next chapter of this. It’s still dark – kind of – but it’ll get better soon. I promise.

The Hunting Grounds – Chapter Two


4 comments on “Where has the time gone?

  1. valady1 says:

    It should be a SIN to be that gorgeous. I am already going through withdrawal at the idea that next summer will be the last we will see him in a series. He’s too good to not have a very successful film career.

  2. estrella75 says:

    Girl. I’m a federal employee, with a 15month old and a house husband, having to WORK through this mess with NO PAY. I feel you, believe me

    • kjwrit says:

      Thankfully where I work falls under NAF (Non-appropriated Funds), so I’m still getting a paycheck. But Hubs works for DOD and he still has to go to work without pay too, so hopefully those assholes in the Capitol will get their priorities straight and quit dicking around with everyone’s livelihoods. I doubt Wells Fargo wants to hear me tell them they’ll get their mortgage payment retroactively. Healthcare debate aside, not passing a budget and shutting down our government isn’t the way to go about protesting it. Asshats.

  3. Sorry you are hurting because of the shutdown. Hopefully it will be over soon. As for the first picture, that would be my reaction too. : )

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