It’s quite possible…

IF I were on drugs…

And IF I had swallowed the whole bottle with a bottle of Jack Daniels…

IF I had a concussion from the Po-Po knocking me to the ground in an effort to get me away from fangirling all over this God-like man…

It’s QUITE possible I could have a dream that ended up looking a bit like THIS:

See how that can happen?

There’s a little of Book/Season 4 with the blond washing his feet.

There’s Dr. Ludwig following him around everywhere (perhaps wanting payment for her Maenad wound tending).

There’s a snow white tall smexy Swede running around in his skivvies, albeit not tiny red ones.

But still.

It’s possible.

At least now we know some of what Skarsy and that Cut Copy guy were doing when they weren’t at the Hotel California. Oh wait, wrong band. I meant the Chateau Marmont.

Anywho, there’s also this:

The Great Repression – Chapter Nineteen Teaser

And that:

Revamped – Chapter 5


7 comments on “It’s quite possible…

  1. alh1971 says:

    *GULP* where/how did you find this pic?!?

  2. Melanie says:

    That is an awesome/hilarious video! Thank you so much for sharing! Being a mother of a toddler I tend to miss out on all things unrelated to Disney and I would have been very sad to miss this! What’s wrong with that chick bangin’ that other ugly dude when Askars wants her! Crazy!

  3. Shandiii says:

    where do I sign up for this cult?, so excited to see new work from you as always

  4. gwynwyvar says:

    Holy Cow. The band is Australian. Actually from a city i have lived in!

    *squee* how the hey did they manage to get our boy to do this? Wow. Thanks for pointing this out! For a minute there i thought you had photoshopped a scene from True Blood. You know, people in blue dancing around in the sun.. Then the page openned properly, and i went searching… The video isn’t in iTunes in Oz 😦 so I shall just have to bookmark this one !

    Thanyou again for sharing!!!

  5. bwtawny says:

    I absolutely love this video. Everytime I see it I like it even more. I also alternate between laughing and just sitting there going “What?”. How could that man be so good looking?! I really am liking the song too. I just wish I could hear all the lyrics. They are not available yet on line anywhere. I guess the song is not big enough yet for them to be posted.

    PS – I didn’t see the Dr. Ludwig comparison. Thanks for pointing it out . . . too funny. 🙂

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