Sucketh…thy name is kjwrit-eth


I know.

I suck.

I could blame it on The Boy’s 18th birthday last week. Or the six month older than him miniature poodle who’s become so senile and frail, I’m thinking of fashioning one of those baby sling-things they didn’t have 18 years ago when I had my first kid to carry the dog around in. Or I could blame it on my mother learning to text message and practicing by texting me things like this.

Hi. I’m bore. I close my gates tonight.
Love Mom.

Hi. What does this mean? :-}
Love Mom.

The list goes on and on…


So yeah, I could blame all of that. And I don’t even have time to go trolling for new Skarsporn for you all because as I type this out on my patio at 10:15 pm, after Dementia Dog woke me up at 4 this morning, said Dementia Dog is walking into the glass door because he senses I’m out here instead of in there where he wants me to be.

Thump. Thump.

At least the poodle knot on top of his head gives him a little padding.

So, here you go. I have most of the next Revamped done. And all of the next chapter of The Great Repression done, but I need to at least finish the next chapter before I post it. You’ll see why when I do. But, for now, there’s this.

Love Somebody – Chapter 9

And now I must go rescue a slightly bewildered blind poodle who’s a Viking vampire’s age in dog years.


5 comments on “Sucketh…thy name is kjwrit-eth

  1. msbuffy says:

    OMG. You too? Happy 18th Birthday to your boy! 2 boys, right? My baby boy is 22 now. I’m always willing to trade his older sisters, late 20’s, for anyone’s kids. I also have a Dementia Dog; a 13-year-old Springer Spaniel, also blind & deaf, has seizures & badly arthritic. We don’t let her on the steps anymore as she falls down them often. She follows me all day long hoping I’ll go into the kitchen to feed her…again. She forgets she’s already eaten so when she goes in there, she looks pitifully down at the bowl as if to say, “Empty? Again?” Then she growls at us. She wakes us up at the ungodly hours of 3 or 4 am as well. I’m so relieved to know that I’m not wrong when I say she’s got dementia! I can’t wait to read your post to my husband! He insists she’s “not that bad!” But then he gets to leave her every day.

    And how many stories are you writing? So, you don’t suck! Holy shit! You ain’t Superwoman! I’m blown away that you can keep them all separate. I get so thrilled to see an update of any one them – I don’t care what one it is! So, your son turned 18, you have Dementia Dog (I trip over mine all the time or accidentally knock her head into something & that probably doesn’t help), your mom keeps practice-texting you, you’re writing 10 different stories, and oh, yes – you work too! I have no clue why you can’t possibly keep up with everything!

    Have a very Happy Halloween!

  2. tabel says:

    Yay. Thanks for the update.
    Oh and After dead is out… it sucks ass. Not as painful and wrath inducing as DEA but still I… ah fuc# it CH is one fugly heartless bitch 😉

  3. Shandiii says:

    I am so excited to see an update for any thing you write, I love it all and you certainly don’t suck xx

  4. This chapter was beyond hilarious. I am guessing Bill was the one who called the cops. : )

  5. sakshichopra says:

    You know your posts are the funniest and best way to start my day :)…And yes I read your posts, go to my happy place, and purposely steer clear of the Askars and Taylor Swift rumors,,, for my sanity and for the sake of everyone around me !! Why can’t people just leave him alone for once 😦

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