Brushing away the cobwebs…

My poor laptop has been languishing – untouched – for days on end. Somewhere along the way real life reared up and bit me in the ass, but I managed to sit on mine all day today and knock out a new chapter of something else that’s been languishing away. But before we get to that, can we talk about:

The Coda.

Uh huh. Apparently it’s as foreboding as it sounds. And from what I’ve heard, this reaction to Eric’s fate is perfectly understandable.

Hammarby Scream

Nods head and clucks tongue in agreement.

Now I know not everyone in life gets a happily ever after. I know there’s some very fucked up shit that people go through, live with, cope with and sometimes there is no light at the end of the tunnel but a deep dark black hole.

That being said…


Granted, the Sookie Stackhouse Novels were never meant to go down as one of the literary greats of our time. They were never fated to bring about a utopian society circa 2688 because that was Bill and Ted’s destiny.

So pardon my fucking language, but what the fuckity fuck? What did Eric ever do – besides sell books – to earn the kind of ending he got?

Yes, She created the characters.

Yes, She has every right to do with them as She chooses.

Yes, yes, fuck-me-with-a-rusted-grill-brush, YES. I understand that.

What I don’t understand is the thought process behind it all. God knows I haven’t read anything beyond DITF and I never will, but after the outcry over DEA, wouldn’t it seem prudent to at least throw an entitled crumb our way? It’s my understanding the Coda amounts to bullet points and pictures. Scribbles on Post-It notes transcribed into document format. How hard would it have been to pull Eric back from going down in the annals of SVM history as an eternal victim and rewrite his ending where the balls he was born with were included in some way? He didn’t have to end up with Sookie, but for fuck’s sake.

Couldn’t he have at least ended up with his pride instead of choosing to stay with the abuser who took everything from him?

That isn’t the Eric I came to know.

That isn’t a life I would’ve hoped for the Eric I came to love.

What were we supposed to take away from this series when a rapist gets to be King and an admittedly highhanded protector gets to be the whipped puppy looking for his Master’s approval. What’s next? Are we going to be told that he was asking for it?

And what about our heroine who at some point must have turned to heroin in between trips to Walmart and mentally gushing about her fucking tomatoes? That abnormal is bad and we should all strive to conform? That we should stick to our own kind and hey, if that’s not possible, then we should just pretend we’re like everyone else and hope like hell they don’t notice?

Fuck. That.

I know I’m late to the whipping post party, so I’ll just leave it there and end with thank fuck for fanfiction.

Hammarby Cheer
Alex agrees…

All In – The Flip Side Chapter 5


17 comments on “Brushing away the cobwebs…

  1. msstitcher says:

    Your rant describes so perfectly what I feel! I tried to “soldier through” with the books because she did create them all and so I thought she must have loved them at some point, without her we wouldn’t have a Sookie and Eric to cheer for. But I am so angry with her for the fact that she has taken Sookie back to behind where she started from. She ended up with the guy who was her boss who knew she was telepathic but never told her that he was a shifter – EVEN after the vamps came out.

    One thing though that I haven’t seen pointed out anywhere else is that she stayed by her Gran’s values. Now I love Adele and everyone has faults BUT this is the woman that knew why/how Sookie came by her telepathy and never said anything. She knew that Sookie considered this a disability and didnt beat the thought out of her – because let me tell you I have a child with what could be considered a disability and I will not for one second let him belief that that makes him a “freak”. They way she uses the word disability throughout this is disgusting, but that is off point. “Gran” teaches these Christian values which she didn’t stick to herself! ! ! Why is this never picked up on properly?!!??!

    Why is it that Sookie settles for Sam? Even if she didn’t end up with Eric, why did she end up with the person who was too busy fucking the Maenad despite the fact that she’d attacked Sookie to notice that Sookie needed help?!?!

    Then on to her treatment of the men! I have so much righteous hatred for what she did to Eric, but the fact that Bill ended up King because he bought the state?! If it had been that easy don’t you think that Eric with his thousand years of experience and chance to gather equity etc would have fucking done that? Don’t you think that if that was a thing it would have been mentioned, somewhere?

    I get that forgiveness is a virtue but her priorities are so so so wrong in the last few books and now this Coda just seems like her way of giving a final “fuck you” to the SVM books. You can tell when she stopped loving these characters and she carried on writing, and from what I have read it seems like pretty much everyone ended up in miserable circumstances, and like you I get that happens (TRUST ME I get that people get dealt shitty cards but you put on your big girl panties and you fucking deal with it – you follow your heart and you ignore bullies and rapists and fucking idiots) And I know it is just a book, but after years of reading them you get invested in them.


    Rant over – have you seen the weekly challenge over at fanfic of the coda? The three that were up last time I saw are hilarious!

    Sorry for ranting on your blog

    Ms S

  2. kim says:

    Rusted grill brush…..I am still laughing.

  3. msbuffy says:

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, & yes! To both of you, kjwrit & msstitcher! I wrote out an editorial/rant of my own on WordPress – still editing it, but not sure I’ll post it now since it’s been a week. I defended CH about DEA; her books, imagination, stories, blah. Now I’ve come to the conclusion that she must have used ghostwriters somewhere along the way, especially with Books #10-12. They’re just so different from the rest – not told in the same “voice.” Then DEA comes along, and even though the ending was disappointing, the writing had the same sound to it as previous books in the series. This may or may not be the case, but it would explain all of the continuity errors. Until the piece of trash that is the coda. Now I’m fucking pissed. I can’t believe what she did with a character whom she built up as this a fantastic, fascinating 1000-year-old vampire in a near-mythological fashion! The way she wrote Eric Northman throughout all of those books & some of the short stories made him as much, if not more, of a popular character as the protagonist & narrator, Sookie. In the coda, CH, in ONE paragraph, undoes all of this and makes him the complete antithesis of everything she created of him! It has to be one of the laziest & most unbelievable things I’ve ever read. Now I’m torn between keeping it for the completion of the collection or donating it to the library. Fortunately, I didn’t pay anything for it. I just used $10 in Visa points & have free shipping through Amazon. Thank God. I’m relieved I didn’t pay one cent for that piece of shit.

    Those fanfics of the coda are so funny! Now those I’ve saved! OK, I’ll stop now & I’m sorry for ranting on your blog as well.

  4. Ilive2read says:

    I will never read the last book. After the uproar and the spoilers I could not with good conscience give her my hubs hard earned money to be so disappointed. All I can think of is what kind of message is she sending to her readers…hey, you Love is not worth fighting for, just settle for what is safe so you can have an easy life. The bad guys always win if they have enough money. The man who (even if he did have another agendas from time to time) gave you what you needed (door, driveway, coat, not being enslaved by Andre, etc, etc.) saved you just as much as you saved him, forgave you your bitchiness and loved you even when it was said he couldn’t love and even after all that still protects you and you just let him go. Not only does he not get the girl, he doesn’t even get a happy ending and for that I will never forgive she who will not be named character Sookie,nor will I ever forgive her. Your story Stay will be my ending for this series. Its how it should have ended! Thanks for letting me vent.

  5. Shandiii says:

    I downloaded that piece of crap called a coda as I refused to give her one more cent, then wished I didn’t read it I do not know how she has come to hate Eric so much because that the only explanation I can come up with for that bullshit ending she gave him, all I can think of is she was so pissed off that we fell in love with him instead of boring ass Sam and she couldn’t understand Sam, I read an interview with her where she said she had a go at Alex at a premiere blaming him for people hating DEA so much, WHAT. THE. FUCK. I honestly am mind boggled by the whole thing. ANNNND then on her heavily swept clean face book pages where there are nothing but glowing reviews for this piece of shit(totally opposite from the Amazon reviews) she hints at spin off series for Quinn and Barry the telepath. SERIOUSLY who give a flying fuck about them they were boooring characters any way.
    All I can say is that god for people like you Kjwrit PLEASE do not stop writing what you and the other talented fan fiction writers give us is so much better than the shit she throws at us. And you do it for free thankyou, thankyou thankyou xxx

  6. trish1215 says:

    Forgive me for being out of the loop… What is The Coda? I read through DR and after seeing the spoilers for DEA, I decided that there was no way I could go forward and read that bit if trash. In with you with all if the rants! Just not sure what this Coda is…

    • kjwrit says:

      According to some, it is a money grab by CH and equates to an appendix, giving us entitled readers a glimpse of some characters lives after DEA. Some characters I can’t recall ever hearing about.

      Some people get a page with a single line. Others like Eric get their characters assassinated in a page and a half. I’ve only trolled the reviews on Amazon, but even some of the diehard CH supporters feel robbed for being forced to pay for something she could have easily posted onto her website for free, like other authors have done.

      Just go read the reviews. There are enough spoilers on there that you won’t have to pay anything to find out what happens.

  7. LauraZ (116Jeff) says:

    Seriously puckering at the rusty grill brush. I feel like a dude witnessing a nut shot…
    Other than that, word to your rant. I’ve never felt invested in CH’s series (I mean, it’s pretty mediocre writing, and some of her character development seemed like a missed opportunity, etc) but I was totally gobsmacked after reading the last book (not the coda, as I didn’t bother with it).

  8. caraway seed says:

    Amen, sister. I, too, left after DitF and yet somehow feel betrayed by the crap that rape-apolobitch has been spewing.

  9. switbo says:

    Amen sisters! I haven’t read anything past DitF, but I’ve picked more than I want to know from spoilers. Ugh. I don’t even want to know what that she-bitch does to Eric in the coda. Isn’t it bad enough that she sold him into slavery and rape? ESP after what Appius did to him.?

    Okay. Rainbows and Skarsicorns, rainbows and Skarsicorns….. Ahhh, better….CH who? Kjwrit and Ericizmine are my goddesses.

  10. JulieV says:

    When I first heard about the Coda, I thought she would kill Eric. Then I realized that making him “happy” would be an even better insult. It is just more of the abuse/rape culture seen in this series. I haven’t read the Coda, but I have to wonder if Eric lets Freyda brush his hair.
    I am just happy you are here to keep me entertained with your stories and notes.

  11. Adriana says:

    She may not have started out this way but she came to hate Eric especially after TB made him even more popular with Askars. All of a sudden she is a MYSTERY writer not a ROMANCE writer. She created compelling characters that made her very rich and she really did come to hate them because that is the only way I can explain what she did to her characters. Honestly, I would have preferred Eric dying heroically rather than becoming some pampered man slave, like keeping a lion in a cat carrier. Ugh. I read the “coda” and just thanked god I spent not a single penny on that trash and felt sorry for the time I wasted reading it. She will never get another penny from me.

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