Speaking of Star Trek…

Baby Daddy and I both work on the same military base. After 9/11, everyone has to pass through a checkpoint to enter the base and show your military or civilian government employee ID to the cops at the gate. One day I was going through the checkpoint and the guy at the gate apparently knew Baby Daddy and asked, “Are you Mrs. Writ?”

My dependent spouse military ID says as much. Duh.

But then I really thought about it and realized:

1. Hubs is one of EIGHT sons (no daughters).
2. All of his brothers coincidentally got married in the same order as their birth.
3. Hubs is brother number six of eight.
4. So if you count my mother-in-law…I am number seven of nine Mrs. Writ’s.


7of 9

If it wouldn’t be such a pain in the ass I would change every profile I have from kjwrit to 7ofNine or Sevenof9 or ICanHazSkarzPeen.

But if that doesn’t interest you, perhaps this pitiful photo hack job I did will, turning this:


Into this!

The Bottlecapper

So I’m more than halfway done with the next chapter of The Debt, but then I heard Love Somebody playing on the radio and…well…

Love Somebody – Chapter 10


One comment on “Speaking of Star Trek…

  1. Dependent spouse…I hate that term because we are 180 degrees away from that. I love to give a shout out to other Armed Forces wives. Hope you are doing well along with your family.
    -Mrs.1stSgt C. or Ms. CrabbyPants

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