Something old and something new…

It’s like we’re all getting married!
Anyway, for the old:

I’d never seen it before, but this is an interview from June of 2013. But according to the YouTube page it wasn’t posted until just last month. What. Ever.

13 minutes of Skarsgasm, with his animated giant hands giving us a preview of what Tarzan in 3D will be like?

Nuff said.

And I must also say I was very entertained by all of your fall on your ass on ice stories, as well as finding solace that I’m not the only one to experience shopping cart/trolley rage.
Maybe I just get worked up over anything to do with wheels?

Anywho, for the something new.
I was very amused by your reactions to the last chapter of The Debt.
The OMG’s!
The GRAN’s!

Hahahahahaha…did you really think it would that easy?
And on that note:

The Debt – Chapter Nine – Wrong


6 comments on “Something old and something new…

  1. meridiean says:

    Shopping carts rage is to be savored, and lane-blockers should be buggy-bumped into last week. Ice is an evil, vindictive, judgmental bitch.

  2. Northgirl says:

    If you must know, my reaction wasn’t “OMG” or “Gran”, it was “OMG Gran!” And shopping carts are the devil, everyone knows that.

  3. kleannhouse says:

    love it , i am way to far south to fall on ice but i have feel on my arse in other ways so i feel your pain… right now the shopping cart rage is at an all time HIGH with all the Snow Birds that are here, damn they need to go home… KY

  4. bldskr says:

    What is the name of this video? I can’t find it on youtube!

  5. msbuffy says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the interview! That was great! Of course, AS could just be onscreen breathing & I’d watch. Preferably he’d be naked & breathing…
    I think there should be lanes for shopping carts & stop signs at the end of the aisles. All of the ice melted so no kids falling on their asses on the way to the bus stop this morning. No humor with my coffee. Guess I’ll have to wait a few days.

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