Have I mentioned how much I love spoilers? Because I do.

More than chocolate.


Spoilers saved me from dying the three year death that was the last three SVM books.


And spoilers saved me from this until my heart and mind reached an acceptance.

But first there was six months of this:

Low Expectations

So, while I won’t spoil Stan Lee’s latest foray into making me poorer, I will say if you’re a giant baby like me and don’t know how the Spiderman storyline goes in the comics, it might not be a bad idea to google for spoilers before seeing the film.

But I will spoil the fact you only have to watch the first set of credits to see the “bonus” clip, which isn’t much of a “bonus” at all, and don’t waste your time sitting there through all 5479858 credits only to see the blank screen when it’s done.

Like I did.


Oh. And I suppose I will spoil this next chapter just a tad and warn you there’s not much plot progression going on.

Take that however you like.

The Debt – Chapter Thirty-One – Complete.


3 comments on “Spoilers!

    • kjwrit says:

      Erm…not to spoil anything, but…what are you alluding to? This ‘finally’ happened like twenty chapters sooner than in All In, lol. 🙂

  1. sookieandericaretheonetruelove says:

    I’m a spoiler junkie. 🙂

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