A vacation…

I could use one, but I can’t afford one since The Boy’s senior year of high school should really be called $enior Year.

$enior Class Trip to Disney World – $1100
$pending money for said trip – $500
$enior Announcements – $180
$enior Prom Tuxedo rental – $218
$enior Prom Ticket – $75

Is there an eighteen-year-later morning after pill?

Sweet Jesus.

Anyway, since I can’t go on vacation, my muse decided to go without me. I’d say blame wifey because it was a text from her that punched my muse’s ticket, but I love her too much to throw her under the bus alone.

true story

So I’ll throw Alex under that bus with her because he was the one who signed on for this:


Which led to this:

Northern Star

For those of you rolling your eyes and going in search of rotten tomatoes, I am still working on The Debt. I just needed for my muse to work on her tan for a little bit before I go back to it. And since they’re relatively short and this is a vacay, I thought it was okay to treat them like a cruise buffet, where calories don’t count, and posted the prologue and the first two chapters at once.

Because you should be able to pig out while on vacation where it’s carb-free.


9 comments on “A vacation…

  1. You can throw me under a bus with that man any time. *omnomnomnom*

  2. valady1 says:

    What, no limo rental for the prom? And what about dinner BEFORE the prom at a pricey restaurant, and flowers for the date, and one for him of course. My middle son went to FOUR proms, and his baby brother went to THREE, You’re right about the expense of their senior year..

  3. Wow, I didn’t realise how expensive the final year of high school in America is. Ireland has a prom well debs but its not until we finish school so most save money over the summer to buy outfits etc.

  4. Ilive2read says:

    don’t forget senior fees, college app fees, cap and gown and announcements, senior photos. etc etc etc….oh and our yearbook last year was 90 dollars…jeez.

  5. msbuffy says:

    Yep, all those things that you said, plus what the other posters said, and I have 2 daughters 10 months apart who went to their Sr. & Jr. prom, the same year. Be glad you have a son & not daughters! I went broke for their prom & all things senior year. It was unbelievable. The hair, the nails, the tanning… What a nightmare! God has a sense of humor though; he gave the younger one a daughter and I can’t wait for what she wants for HER prom in 14 years!

  6. bbrock525 says:

    Girls are so much more… Spray tan $40, Mani-pedi $45, hair and makeup $120, shoes$80, dress $400-$700, pictures $40, senior party $500,… I know there is more. I thought I would go broke. It’s still cheaper than college. Lol

  7. saintsfan022010 says:

    I feel your pain. My darling daughter is a junior. We just spent a ton on the dress, corsage, tickets ect for her junior prom… Haven’t even started paying for the senior ring yet. Next year it will be getting nails and hair done too plus all the graduation stuff. God makes them so expensive so you don’t feel so bad pushing them out the door. LOL

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