I know it’s only Tuesday, but…

Let’s just pretend it’s Thursday because when it actually is Thursday, my ass will be in Greenland where the WiFi is just as sparse as the landscape.

So in honor of Throwback Thursday I’m dragging out this:

throwback thursday

And this:

The Man I Want To Be

I know, it’s been a while. And I know my muse seems to be all over the place lately, but I can’t control her.

Never could.

As wifey can attest to, we have that in common.

So, with that said, take the chapter title as my sentiments to you all over my undiagnosed ADHD, while I try sober up that Mai Tai drinking floozy, still out and about, enjoying her vacation. Click on the story banner above if you want to start at the beginning to refresh your memory, or you can go ahead and get to it by clicking here:

The Man I Want To Be – Chapter 5 – Sorry


3 comments on “I know it’s only Tuesday, but…

  1. siriusyellowlab says:

    Greenland? Really? Please come back soon…

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