To quote Sally Field…

But seriously y’all, I truly am blown away by all of you.

The You Want Blood Awards winners were announced today and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the other winners, as well as thank the ones behind it all who put in so much work, only so a schlub like me could have pretty new banners.

The Authority Panel






I won way more than my fair share, but the amount of encouragement and support I’ve gotten from all of you in my silly little secret writing hobby is just…

oh my god This is the best


aw yea Colbert and Kermit

For realsies…MORE than my fair share.

the-debt-kjwrit-the-charlaine-harris-1st-place the-debt-kjwrit-the-viking-award-1st-place the-debt-kjwrit-the-saucy-award-1st-place

the-debt-kjwrit-blah-blah-vampire-emergency-award-1st-place all-in-kjwrit-best-of-the-best-1st-place all-in-kjwrit-the-greatest-love-story-1st-place

all-in-kjwrit-the-human-award-1st-place all-in-kjwrit-the-george-carlin-1st-place all-in-kjwrit-silver-lining-1st-place


the-debt-kjwrit-edge-of-your-seat-2nd-place the-debt-kjwrit-the-george-carlin-2nd-place the-debt-kjwrit-pins-and-needles-2nd-place

the-debt-kjwrit-the-more-the-merrier-2nd-place all-in-kjwrit-the-viking-award-2nd-place all-in-kjwrit-mr-january-2nd-place

stay-kjwrit-the-charlaine-harris-2nd-place stay-kjwrit-silver-lining-2nd-place stay-kjwrit-the-saucy-award-2nd-place



But the one that gets me the most verklempt is this one:


Not only for what it stands for (which is mind blowing on a whole other level), but because of who it stands for. Angela/EricIzMine was such a fixture in our little fanfic community. A force of nature to be reckoned with. Her stories made me laugh. They made me cry. They made me see what went into making a good story great and drove me to strive to do better in my own.

To be associated with the likes of her, whose talent and imagination far exceeded that of many published authors I’ve read, in any way is more humbling than I could ever put into words.

I am truly honored and I thank you all.

40 comments on “To quote Sally Field…

  1. valady1 says:

    Every award was earned, but I am especially happy for you winning the Ericizmine one. She was a wonderful weaver of tales.

    • kjwrit says:

      Thank you Valady!

      When I was forced into the Arctic abyss a couple of weeks ago, I reread a few of her Multiverse fics I have saved on my phone while I was on the plane. And I’ll admit to having weepy eyes and smiling like an idiot when I reached the last chapters of Nuclear Winter, Intrepid, Rubbernecking, and Like a Rock because I’d forgotten them.

      It was like having a surprise EricIzMine Christmas in May. 🙂

  2. You deserve them. You are an amazing writer. Congrats.

  3. spicysalmon says:

    Congrats and thank you for everything you’ve contributed to our little fandom! You, EricizMine, and so many others have paved the way for the rest of us and if you guys didn’t have the balls to put your work out there years ago when this fandom was still itty bitty, we wouldn’t have it at all today.

    Now that SVM is over and TB is at its final season, I’m worried that our little piece of E/S ficheaven will die out too. I’m just grateful you guys have written so many stories that it’ll take a long ass freaking time before we reach the end.

    Congrats again!

  4. lilloucfer says:

    Congratulations!!!! You deserve it!

  5. Nessie13 says:

    You deserve to win, your stories are awesome! Congrats!!!

  6. Ety says:

    congrats .. ur work is truly amazing and I appreciate u sharing with us xo

  7. MagpieTales says:

    Well done! I’m so pleased, because I love your stories. It’s great to see talent rewarded.

  8. ericluver says:

    Well deserved. Congrats! Absolutely love your stuff.
    I truly appreciate all the great fanfic authors who provide us with so much entertainment for free.
    The Awards were a great way to showcase some of the best!
    Again, congrats! Keep up the great work 🙂

  9. tbfmia says:

    Congratulations!!! You more than deserve all of them, your stories are amazing

  10. askarsgirl says:

    Congrats congrats!!! I was soo happy to read the list of winners (I squeed like the fangirl I am) and to see your name at the top of the list in so many categories was incredible! I had a lot of fun voting everyday for you. I figured it was the least I could do to show my appreciation for your unbelievable talent at writing Eric and Sookie fic!
    You truly deserve to be recognized for your mad skills. Congratulations!!!!😃

  11. lostinspace33 says:

    Every last one of those awards is so deserved! You are an amazing writer to your readers and an inspiration to other writers.

  12. Dolores says:

    You more than deserve all the accolades that can bestrode upon you. Every time I see an email alert it brightens up my day. I only wish that so called published authors had as much talent as you and half the writers of this fandom.
    You should give up your day job x

  13. Angie_stl says:

    Even if you weren’t in my top two favorite SVM fanfic writer list, you’ll always have a special place in my heart! Your Northman Identity was the first SVM story I read, and when I told you I’d finished everything you had to offer at the time, you sent me on a merry little trip around that evil place that started it all, but no one goes now! And your very first rec was none other than the highest queen of SVM can fix, EricIzMine!! So not only do I owe you a debt for all the great stories you’ve written, but also for pointing me toward Angela’s writings. So thank you thank you THANK YOU for everything you’ve given me!! You also turned me toward a few others, your wifey included, and that goes without saying that you get a big thank you for that also!! This is an amazing community, and with it comes some pretty amazing individuals. Now to yell at you a tiny bit! I’d just gotten over the tears the video 4padfoot had made, when I read your little bit at the end of this post about Angela! I’m not sure I’ll ever get the tears out of my eyes and the other running mucous under control!! Just a few words have made me cry almost as much as that evil H(N)EA story you wrote (that convinced me not to read any more submissions for that particular contest unless I wanted a migraine!! It’s a great story, if you can handle the horrible angst that makes it what it is, which I can’t.) So congrats highest princess of the SVM world!! You deserve every award that you got!

  14. Ilive2read says:

    well deserved. Standing up to clap!

  15. murgatroid98 says:

    Everyone of those wins is well-deserved. Every story you write is wonderful. I can’t think of a better writer to get the ERICIZMINE award. Many, many congratulations.

  16. gyllene says:

    Congrats!!! You’re an amazing writer. Thank you for your stories and always putting a smile on my face when I read them.

  17. arubaredx says:

    Congratulation! And you really do deserve it all.

  18. northwoman says:

    You deserve every award you get. You mean the world to me and I thank you for all the stories you have given us. Your writing has improved and I still adore the earliest stories and have reread them with joy. Thank you!

  19. missron80 says:

    Absolutely agree with each and every win, especially fave author. Ever since I took a chance and decided to try a AH story in All In, you have been my fave author. Your wit, writing, stories etc have no equal and I look forward to your posts more than anyone else. The fact I accidentally inspired an alternate All In still makes me giddy like a One Direction tween fan.

    Congrata and enjoy knowing what we all already knew!

  20. Karen says:

    Well deserved.

  21. Jackie69 says:

    so happy for your well deserved awards …Thanks for your wonderful stories..Take care

  22. fanficglo says:

    Congratulations on the well deserved awards!

  23. EdgeofSomething says:


  24. redjane12 says:

    Congratulations on very deserved awards, especially the EricIzMine all time fav author. Yep, we really really like you indeed!

  25. trubie35 says:

    Every award was well deserved!!

  26. msbuffy says:

    Congratulations! Every one of those awards was well deserved, especially the EricizMine. You’ve earned them all with your never-ending imagination, creativity, and the special ways you have in telling a story. Well done!

  27. kleannhouse says:

    congratulations, i am sure Angela is looking down and smiling at your award and her gratefulness at your kind words. I know as one of her Beta’s she admired many writers and you were one of them, so congrats , well deserved award(s) Kristie(kleannhouse)

  28. gb says:

    Congratulations!.. You have made me laugh, and cry, rage and cheer all hallmarks IMO of someone who is deeply in touch with the magic and hard work that it takes to share a piece of their soul with others to entertain them. For that I am so humbly grateful that you continue to trust those of us that come back chapter after chapter to get it and these accolades couldn’t be gifted to anyone more deserving..Thank you.. thank you for so many hours of enjoyment… And…. Eric “wink”

  29. Ginger says:

    Congratulations! So well deserved. I just love all of your stories; the real life ones too! Your wit is phenomenal, comedic timing incredible and even the angst was spot on. I love going back and rereading them once they’re complete. It’s like a mini vacay to be able to get completely lost in them for a bit. Thank you for sharing and caring!

  30. sweetmg says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Your body of work is so impressive, and I can’t thank you enough for the countless hours of enjoyment. The way your wicked sense of humor shines through in your stories is truly something to behold. A chapter update from kjwrit is always a bright spot in my day! XO

  31. shandiii says:

    Congratulations on such a well deserved win, I love everything you write and recieving an update from you makes my day. I was so happy to see you win so many awards I couldn’t get the smile off my face all day, thank you for the hours of enjoyment you have given me.

  32. Roxybird114 says:

    Congratulations! I am truly excited and happy for you. You are an amazing writer and you deserve every one of these accolades. I have no doubt that EricizMine was cheering for you the entire time.

  33. Cindy Wedding says:

    Congratulations on all of your awards! EricizMine was such an amazing author. I miss her!

  34. luvvamps says:

    You so do deserve all that you got. You are an amazing writer. I for one am glad to have discovered your stories. Bask in the glory of you wins!

  35. outinritefield says:

    You deserve it and thank you for all your stories!

  36. easouter says:

    Congratulations! You absolutely deserve it! Your stories are amazing!

  37. I’m very happy for you! Especially winning the Ericizmine Award, ’cause you’ve been one of my favorite for a while now. Hey, just because TB is ending doesn’t mean the fandom and the great writers will stop writing, right? I mean, I haven’t really paid any attention to TB(last 2 seasons) and SVM, (last 3 books)–but this fandom and the writers have always been my first love and still continue to be. You seem to know the rubbish that’s been on the show and the last couple of books; and know where to take two beloved characters who should be together. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every story you let me read; and hope for more.
    Thank you.

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