And sticking with the category…

What to expect when you’re not expecting…

You likely didn’t expect to get a new chapter of this:

 Playing God

But it’s what Wifey picked when posed with the question, “What in the hell should I work on amongst my withering WIP’s?”

Or something like that.

She picked Northern Star too, but since I borrowed the picture from Alex’s new movie that opened this weekend, I figured it was good timing for this one.

Even if it’s been like a year since I’ve updated this fic.

Click the banner above if you want to start over from the beginning – I added chapter titles as I reread it myself – or just click below to get on with it.

Playing God – Chapter 22 – The War Maker


4 comments on “And sticking with the category…

  1. missron80 says:

    All In – the Flip Side, Man I Want to Be and um, oh the one where eric turns out to have been an undercover spy. Those are my personal waiting fors. Dying fors. Glues to my computer fors. 😛

  2. analla says:

    I vote all in flip side too. That and the debt of course. So many to choose from. Fun for our end, but it sounds exhausting from your end

  3. redjane12 says:

    I love all your stories… Every time you come up with a new one I can’t help but love your characterisation of Eric and Sookie… Such a relief from canon… So whatever you update is just good news! But just because he is an angstier dude, I think ‘The Man I Want To Be”s Eric deserves a bit of a break when you get a chance…

  4. idream3223 says:

    Love this story! Thanks for the update. More soon I hope?

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