Nooo…I’m not talking about this crock of shit:

Extreme Bullshit

Or even this load of fecal matter:

CH on TB

Although I could definitely have some fun with this:


But I’m actually talking about this:


That’s my baby standing in formation last Saturday, after walking away from me.

(Insert snot-sobbing here)

He’s now officially a VMI Rat in Bravo Company.

That’s him in the gray t-shirt and red shorts. 🙂

So I’ve been in a momma funk for the last few days. His college is hard core and proudly touts their Spartan ways, which is no joke. Their barracks have no air conditioning. No heat. For the next four years he’ll be sleeping on a four inch thick foam “mattress” that’s laid out on top of a four inch high wooden pallet on a concrete floor. And as a first year ‘Rat” he’s allowed no privileges. No cell phones. No music. No TV. They stand at attention at all times and square their corners when they walk anywhere. He’s allowed to make phone calls only when they tell him he can and he’s watched over by an upperclassman while he’s talking.

It’s like Attica. With calculus.

But it was his choice to go there and it’s one that I’m admittedly proud of. If you want to see a little of what he got to experience firsthand after marching out of that auditorium, you can see what they don’t let the parents see firsthand below.

Those signs dangling from their chests say: I am Rat (insert name). If I am lost please return me to SGT: Whoever or CPL: Whatever. Thank you for your support.
Quite a difference in wording from the one pinned to his chest on his first day of kindergarten.

So yeah, I’ve been in a weird headspace with him gone. Which meant my muse – when present- was all over the place, which is why you have two chapters to read.

New Blood

Two for the price of one!

So I’m going to leave these with you all, while I go and surround myself with a pile of Carpet Fresh Apples and Cinnamon carpet foam and weep quietly.

The Venefica & The Vampire – Chapter 14 – A Fox in the Henhouse

About Last Night – The One with the Yoyo


11 comments on “Bravo!

  1. kleannhouse says:

    congratulations on your son, so proud for you…. love the GIF of Eric in the car, his head bobbing reminds me of Meekus in Zoolander. love it. thank you for the two updates. KY

  2. glamouredbyyou says:

    Thank you for these updates! Of course you had other things in mind with your baby joining the Bravo Company. Big congrats on your son!!!

  3. redjane12 says:

    Congrats on the family news! Everyone must be so proud… Did your mum use her phone to instagram pics?
    And thank you for the updates…. Loved your snarky TB-related pics esp. CH calling out to ‘entitled bitches’… I feel quite proud to be one to be honest… The shitty messages of book and show endings about a bunch of issues make me proud to be on the opposite camp…

    • kjwrit says:

      OMG! ✋

      Just stop right there. The last thing she needs to learn about is the existence of Instagram.

      I swear on a stack of Skarsporn that I JUST got off the phone, with her whining about wanting to learn how to take a selfie.

      It makes me want to kill myselfie. 😐

  4. Meridian says:

    Congratulations mom on raising an awesome, brave son!!!!! (So, when are you mounting the rescue mission to get his ass back home?) Nah, I know you’re proud as fuck of him. Anyway, good job, mom!!

  5. gb says:

    You have an amazing gift and I can honestly say unlike a certain writer and show creators you have never let me down for that I heartily Thank you..

  6. Laura says:

    I must wholeheartedly agree with gb! You and some of the other amazing fanfic writers seem to be the only ones who ‘get’ these characters and do them justice. Particularly a certain Viking. 😉
    May your muse continue to be ever fruitful. Thank you from the bottom of my Viking loving heart for all of your wonderful stories.

  7. shandiii says:

    congratulations on your son, mine has been in the military for 10 years such a good career. I thought of you and the fun you would have as soon as I saw Eric in the car. And I just couldn’t stop saying WTF when I saw CH in that scene my husband was saying what what as he didnt know who she is and I just couldn’t form any other words lol.

  8. murgatroid98 says:

    Congrats for your son. It’s so hard to let them go, but I know you’re proud.

  9. gwynwyvar says:

    Congrats to type son. I can definitely pick him out lol. Red sorts, Grey TShirt. LMAO.
    Hope the cinnamon carpet powder works. Lol, I still haven’t shown my munchkin Nightmare before Christmas 🙂 and she’s nearly 9.although she has watched doctor who, and I was a proud mummy when she pointed out that her fold up toy box was ‘bigger on the inside’ when it wasn’t collapsed =D

    Hope you get lots of calls and letters!

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