Still flip-flopping…

Both with my muse and my choice of footwear, so I hope you don’t mind.

And speaking of minds – as you can see – I’m  still out of mine.

A Sign

While the crazy side of me chooses to believe this is how he’s feeling at that moment:


More like this


The sane side of me knows I’d likely get more of a reaction like this:

I get that a lot


What a bitch

Before I was then led away like this:

Cuz it's illegal to be that sexy

So. Worth. It.

And because several of you indicated a short while back that you’d like to see something more from The Man I Want To Be, that’s what you’re getting this time around. But I’ve also been working on new chapters for The Debt, The Venefica & The Vampire, and Love Somebody so you might get one of those either later on today or tomorrow. And now that True Suck is over, I feel a need to get back to The Great Repression. Ever since they borrowed my story line, I’ve felt a bit disconnected from it. But now that their fanfiction is over and done with, I want to go back to it. So after I reread it, you’ll get something new for that soon too.

But in the meantime:

Chapter 9 – A Fresh Start


3 comments on “Still flip-flopping…

  1. redjane12 says:

    Loving these illustrated pics… Yep, who isn’t unimpressed by TB at this point… Thankfully those writers now stop making a mess of things with their pisspoor writing…

    So good to see an update of this story… Angstier than your other stories but I am so totally in love with the characters already… Hunter is totally adorable and dorky

  2. Meridian says:

    It’s a sign that he loves you. NEVER DOUBT THE SECRET HAND HEART! NEVER!!! NEVVV-UR!!!

  3. vondax55 says:

    Thrilled to see you are intending to post chapters of some of your older stories.
    I would LOVE to see you post more of Secrets That We Keep, I think that is my favourite of all your stories. Failing that, I am keen to see any of your work on a regular basis. I know, I am greedy, but I learnt it from a big, blonde Viking, and he is ALWAYS right! xx

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