Confessions of a piss-poor fanfic writer…

I’m sorry you all haven’t gotten any updates from me lately, but real life has been especially busy. First there was Parents’ Weekend at VMI last weekend, so we got to spend three days with Cadet Boo Bear. He’s lost 30 pounds in the two months he’s been there, thanks to all of their marching, running, general run-their-asses-into-the-ground lifestyle. And, as you can see from the pic below, also in part thanks to the pushups they have to do with every score their football team makes.


They have to do as many pushups as the score, plus 3, because it sucks to be them.

It was there I got to learn firsthand that I am not the only fan girl in our family. I know this now because hubs got to meet a former NY Yankees pitcher, 1996 World Series MVP, John Wetteland, whose daughter is also a RAT at VMI.

Daily News

He’s lost weight too.

It was cute to watch him nervously gush at the man whose only crime was waiting – as we were – at the front of the barracks for our kids to make their way to us. But I also know the scene would have gone very differently had the situation been reversed and he was witnessing me fan girling over a certain sexy Swede.

At the very least, bail hearings and divorce proceedings would have entered into the conversation.

And then Boss Man was on vacation last week (and this upcoming week), leaving me to do all of his dirty work, while he spends his time off hunting down Bambi’s relatives, with no luck so far.

I am happier about that fact than he is.

So I’ve been bogged down, but I finally got a chance to wrap up the other Confessions some of you might be interested in. It too has some more of those Maroon 5 lyrics carried over into the chapter, so I included the song itself, via YouTube, at the bottom of the chapter page, if you care to listen to it. And I also have most of the next chapter of The Venefica & The Vampire done, so I should be getting that out to you all soon.

In the meantime:

Confessions…of the Heart

5 comments on “Confessions of a piss-poor fanfic writer…

  1. Dione Robertson says:

    …..soooo thankful that life was awesome busy instead of tragic event busy!

  2. askarsgirl says:

    I would never ever call you a piss-poor fanfic writer. Ever!

  3. lilydragonsblood says:

    don’t worry about the updates, glad you got some time to spend with your family. I’m enjoying re-reading all of your fab stories, so I don’t mind which ones get updated! x

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