Is it just me…

Or does anyone else look at this pic and see a clandestine meeting taking place, fraught with spies and good versus evil?


When looked at from further away though, it appears to be nothing more than a bunch of people enjoying cocktails.


Secret squirrel…


Party time…


How about still-secret-from-my-mother-squirrel time?


She’s HUGE now as opposed to when she was like this:


So I have no choice – in good conscience – but to release her.

One day.


Also weighing on my conscience has been this withering fic:

The Debt Banner

But it’s never been far from my thoughts and now it’s no longer far from my WordPress page.

And for anyone who’s interested, I also uploaded Confessions to Mediafire, so it’s now available for download in PDF form to whoever wants it. You can either go to that page or skip the middle man and click here. 🙂

The Debt – Chapter Thirty-Nine – Never Again


9 comments on “Is it just me…

  1. askarsgirl says:

    woohoo!! 3 updates in a week from you. Best. Week. Ever.

  2. Cindy Wedding says:

    running to kindle now.

  3. lilloucfer says:

    Thank you for making my week 🙂 LOL – I was in the process of rereading the story as I’ve missed it!

  4. glamouredbyyou says:

    Thank you for updating and for PDF.

  5. kleannhouse says:

    lol on the baby no longer being a baby, i was wondering the other day how she was doing…. thanks KY

  6. vamplover669 says:

    I’m a few chapters behind in this, maybe that’s a good thing keeps the cliffhangers away?! 😄 I was wondering if Revamped is on your update soon list? I found it not too long ago and I’m hooked to those two whackadoodles!

  7. gwynwyvar says:

    That’s a wonderful photo. He definitely looks like he’s trying to organize something squirrelly in the close up 🙂
    And loved the added shades to lol.

    Woohoo. The debt! Thankyou

  8. siriusyellowlab says:

  9. siriusyellowlab says:

    Ok. Sorry about how messed up that previous comment turned out. I just wanted to post a funny photo of a squirrel.

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