To quote Cadet Boo Bear…

1 and a wake up before he gets to come home for the Thanksgiving Day holiday.

So that means I have 1 and a wake up to get the house clean for his arrival on Tuesday night, so he can sink into the glory that is a dust free, Downey soft, and Gain fragranced house.

nice for you

He has to go back on the following Sunday, so between now and then real life will be especially busy for me. But I managed to crank out another chapter of Life and Death that has been living in my brain for the past week, and have most of the next The Venefica & The Vampire done as well, so you might get that as soon as I complete the frillion things on my To-do list.


But I’ll be back soon enough.

Pull poster

To quote Star Trek’s The Borg:
Resistance is futile.

If I didn’t know any better, I would even be willing to bet you could find my fingerprints amongst those grubby paw prints on the glass in my desperate attempts to claw my way to him.

Life and Death – Chapter 3 – Impulse


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