Good grief…

Poor Sookie got skewered in the comments for the last chapter – which is your prerogative.

Even Squirrely-girl was wearing her WTF face over her morning breakfast.

But for all of the accusations about her assumptions, well…I’ll just say that’s kinda ironic and let you get to the chapter NO ONE has been clamoring for. And by that, I mean a chapter from Sookie’s POV. The next one is more than halfway written, so you should have that soon too.

Repossessed – House of the Rising Sun


5 comments on “Good grief…

  1. redjane12 says:

    Miss Squirrel is looking very perky!

  2. twodognite says:

    So does your little darling squirrel still hang near you? I am fascinated by your relationship!! Please share if you feel like!

    • kjwrit says:

      She does! She comes by every morning and again in the evening to go through 20 different peanuts before finding the “right” one and then spends 10 minutes looking for the perfect spot to bury it. Only to repeat the process 20 more times. Every once in a while she’ll come up to me and nuzzle my foot, but she’s more interested in the other squirrels now. Although the other day she hopped onto my lap, while I was sitting at the patio table, and then jumped onto my laptop keyboard where she sat and ate a peanut staring at me. 🙂

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