God help me…

Keep my sanity because I have to go over to my mother’s house soon. So to stave off my own suicidal thoughts at the thought, let’s look at some SkarsPorn, shall we?


He is pretty cute.


No really, you are! But I guess you hear that a lot, huh?


That’s not helping. Quick. Do something cute, so I can think about that instead of shoving a shiv into my jugular to get out of going to my mother’s house.

Hello women

Kissy Face


The Man I Want To Be – Chapter 11 – Domestic


9 comments on “God help me…

  1. askarsgirl says:

    That is exactly how I feel when I have to go to my mom’s too! A little Japanese lady who is 4 and a half feet of pain in my ass. Oh and did I mention she is technologically illiterate yet buys the newest model iPod and iPhone 6?? It’s fun when she pocket dials me 10 times a day😝 I feel your pain and the Skarsporn totally helps!!

    • kjwrit says:

      What is it with little old Asian women and their want of tech? Can’t they just be happy with the landline phone they’ll never part with and call it a day? :/

      • askarsgirl says:

        Lol! I literally just had the whole why do you need your landline conversation with her just yesterday and was informed it’s so my “seesta” who lives in the U.S. can still get a hold of her. She doesn’t understand that she can get calls on her cell from a different country. *major eye roll* That was after she called me two times in the span of 15 minutes from her new cell asking me how to make a phone call from her iPad and where the Japanese lady emoji is on her phone because the nice boy who sold it to her told her there was one. kill me now please.

  2. Miranada Betzalel says:

    So I’ve been packing all day, because I’m moving tomorrow so I kind of had to – and when I say all day, I mean I started at 9 am, took a ten minute break at 1 o’ clock to shove a sandwich down my throat, and have at last finished…five minutes ago. And I see this in my email. *sigh* My day just got better seeing ASkars’ sexy face staring back at me from my phone. Thank you…very, very much. Sanity saved.

  3. missron80 says:

    I would help but alas I am busy keeping my eye on the Swede. hmmm. Might explain the weird weather. Not paying attention! Oh well!!!

  4. msbuffy says:

    Damn! I’m definitely going to have to try this before going to my mother’s again. It would help with suicidal feelings before I get there and the homicidal ones I have upon returning. Yeah, looking at that face must just be a cure for whatever ails ya!

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