Speaking of obtuse…

You would’ve had this chapter sooner had Boo Bear not followed me out onto the patio this morning and spend two hours, watching the squirrels and drinking a Red Bull, in an attempt to stay awake because he stayed up all night, but wants to be able to sleep tonight because he has to be at work at 9:30 tomorrow morning.

He lasted all of twenty minutes once he went inside.

But you all aren’t the only ones who think EtS’s Eric and Sookie are obtuse.


Squirrelly Girl too thinks Eric and Sookie are boneheads and refuses to acknowledge me until the situation is rectified.

And who am I to argue with her?

That being said, the next chapter is a little shorter than the previous ones, but…I don’t think you’ll mind all that much.

Evening the Scales – 7 – The Acknowledgement


2 comments on “Speaking of obtuse…

  1. kleannhouse says:

    og love seeing picks of squirrelly girl. even if its her back becasue she is made, typical female. KY

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