Why is it…

When my mother and my sister have their biannual fight, I’m the one who gets dragged into their bullshit?

I know that scream

Why do have to be the referee every single time?

Are you picking a fight

I don’t even have to ask what happened anymore.

News Flash

Pissed off

And THEY already know what I’m going to say.

Oh for god's sake

You expect her to listen

Retract your fangs

This shit is old. Like this old.

Somebody hide the pictures

But for fuck’s sake…

I do not love humans

And you know what else?

Fire cannot kill a dragon

Besides that…

Zero fucks

So if they don’t knock it the hell off, they’re going to learn what my kids already know.

I don't do timeouts

This ain’t a timeout kinda household I’m running.

Because what in the hell am supposed to do about it anyway?

Do something

Anywho…enough about that.

Before I forget – yet again – Playing God is now available for download here.

Now I’m off to go and find something relaxing to do.

Take a bath and chill

And daydream about this for a while.

EtS Eric

EtS Eric 2

Evening the Scales – 8 – The Augmentation


7 comments on “Why is it…

  1. bdemille18 says:

    I’m sorry I know that you are beyond frustrated it that post made me laugh.. It reminds me of my sisters and on occasion my mother

  2. msbuffy says:

    I have this same problem, and completely relate with you. I’m going to try and print out this page just so I can put it by the phone for when my mother & sister have their bi-monthly fight & call me, or my mother calls me for her weekly antagonistic chat. You’d never guess we were in our 50’s or that our mom is 76! I’ll look at it & smile, maybe even drool a little.

    When I see their numbers come up, I rarely answer. Caller ID is a beautiful thing; one of the best inventions ever! Thanks for the laugh & the idea!

  3. You are a priceless jewel!

  4. jjbuffy2 says:

    I love the way you cope using evil humor! just remember that every time you pick your nose, it’s YOUR choice and revel in it cause (like family) there are so many things we don’t get to choose!! ❤

  5. askarsgirl says:

    You ended this post with the perfect drool worthy pictures😃😃

  6. theladykt says:

    Gotta love the snape pic

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