I meant to post this earlier, but having an actual job where they expect me to work for my paycheck (the nerve of them) got in the way. I posted this next chapter a few hours ago and at least one of you found it (yay for you, fanfiglo!), but I got a comment from MissRon80 yesterday that made me lol.

So this is for her and everyone else who finds a certain Swede’s arms drool worthy.
And a great big smooch to MissyDee for sending me the pics!


My arms? 


What about my arms? 


Oh, you mean THESE arms…


You know, in fanfiction they say my…um…my…well…you know…is…
You know…

Yeah. Trust me. We know.

And trust me when I say all will be well, in spite of what you read in the next chapter.

Pinky swear.

The Debt – Chapter Forty-Two – Resurrection


3 comments on “Sorry…

  1. missron80 says:

    Oh god. I swear, if I could post picture replies I’d lower my standards and take a selfie just so you could have witnessed the glazed eye / stupid smirk expression in my face just now as I stared at that last picture. You see, for me, it’s all about shoulders. If a guy has what I deem perfect shoulders, I slip in my own drool. When I first saw Alex in TB I was hooked and then I finally got to see his shoulders…. I truly had found the perfect man. And I don’t know what he’s been up to recently but whatever it is, my love of shoulders and biceps approves.

    So thanks! I’m having an aw shucks moment coz I got pretty Alex pics to stare at. Now, time to read the chapter… If I can stop staring.

  2. Wow, Alex got big (LOL) …I’m staring at him like Homer drooling over a burger right now. I wish the Tarzan movie would hurry up. Alexa Chung is one lucky lady…

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