But…but I…

First, I feel like I should apologize because I fear that by throwing my admittedly selfish hopes of seeing Alex dressed up as a fireman out into the universe, the universe was forced to once again remind me I am its bitch.

I mean…I don’t get it.

Not that kind of hot

Is this his way of giving us a 76 inch clue that shit just got real?

Call Me Alexa
That’s not the Alexa I thought the gossip sites were talking about.
At all.

Is he showing his support for the LGBT cause?

Love Wins

Is it his way of celebrating a four year breakup anniversary?

Revenge best served cold

Does anyone know why he chose to wear a gold formal number instead of a bare chest, some soot, and suspenders dangling at his sides?

Other than because I am the universe’s bitch.

And Alex(a) isn’t the only one the universe has chosen to bitchslap me with today.


None of the above is necessarily a deal breaker, but just the same – please excuse me, while I go find some chocolate to stuff my scowly face with.

Love Somebody – Chapter 14 – The Ghosts


22 comments on “But…but I…

  1. Kittyinaz says:

    Eat some for me too!

  2. switbo says:

    Lol! I was wondering if anyone had seen those pics. And if anyone knew.. WHY?? I would much have preferred the fireman look too, but Oh My God…look at those biceps. Thud.

  3. askarsgirl says:

    I have to say I quite enjoyed it! He’s such an adorkable goof, and clearly a man who has no insecurities whatsoever! Makes me love him even more!😜

  4. askarsgirl says:

    Oh I just read this on vanityfair.com:

    “So why did Skarsgård choose drag? Well, the truth of that matter is, when in the famously gay-friendly Castro, do as the drag queens do! The Diary of a Teenage Girl was filmed in and around the Castro neighborhood and co-stars famous San Francisco drag entertainer Joshua Grannell—a.k.a. Peaches Christ. Peaches is a staple midnight-movie hostess at the Castro Theater, so when it came time for her film to premiere there, her hometown venue pulled out the stops with a fun drag show preceding the screening.”

    Maybe next time he’ll screen his film for a bunch of firemen😉

  5. Am I the only one trying to figure out who are the two guys holding hands? I can’t even guess… And I would love an Alex or Alexa. Both are freaking fantastic.

  6. Lisa Grauer says:

    I too was confused. Check this link: http://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2015/08/alexander-skarsgard-drag-movie-premiere


    Sent from my iPhone


  7. duckbutt60 says:

    He’s is really breathtaking –but you would have thought he would have shaved his pits before putting on the gold lame number and showing so much side boob 🙂

  8. missron80 says:

    As I mentioned in the email when I sent this pic to you, is it wrong that I still find him to be the sexist person on the planet? And that his bicep still makes muscles clench where I didn’t even know I had muscles? And that I may have already had a dream where he was a straight drag-queen hired to perform at some genre of birthday party for me and that he certainly helped me throw confetti afterwards? There’s a story idea for you! (Or me. I’ve written it down in my ideas book as a maybe for later, lol)

  9. duckbutt60 says:

    Do you suppose he was rocking a wispy gold lace thong under that dress? 😀

  10. jendography says:

    He did for his role in the upcoming ‘Diary of a Teenage Girl’.

  11. gyllene says:

    This is from BuzzFeed where Alex stopped by yesterday.

    Alexander Skarsgård Explains Why He Dressed In Drag And Reveals His Drag Name

    Helloooooo Lady Libido Lushbody.

    At the premiere of his new film The Diary of a Teenage Girl, Alexander Skarsgård showed up in drag and left everyone amazed but also confused.

    At the premiere of his new film The Diary of a Teenage Girl, Alexander Skarsgård showed up in drag and left everyone amazed but also confused.

    Skarsgård happened to stop by BuzzFeed HQ today (as his everyday self) and revealed why he donned his drag apparel.

    We asked him why he showed up in drag and what his inspiration was.

    “We shot the movie in San Francisco. Mari [Heller], the director, is from San Francisco, and she wanted to do a big screening for friends and family who shot the movie there; it takes place in San Francisco. We had a bunch of drag queen on the crew. Our first AD was Cousin Wonderlette; the casting director for the extras was Lady Bear, who is a legendary drag queen in San Francisco; and we had Peaches Christ.”

    “We had a small group and we all became really close, and you know, dear friends of mine. And Mari wanted them to host the screening at the Castro and do a number from The Rocky Horror Picture Show before and do a big fun drag queen after-party. And I just felt, I asked, I didn’t want to be excluded from the fun. So I asked if there was any way I could come in drag, and they were nice enough to say yes.”

    “My inspiration was Farrah Fawcett. I said I want something glamorous like Farrah Fawcett. And they went for it. They made this dress, a wig, and fake tits with really nice nipples, and high-heeled shoes. The whole thing.”

    He ended up learning a thing or two about the drag community.

    “And I found out — Mercedes Monroe was the drag queen who did all my makeup, and at the after-party the drag queens came up and said, ‘Oh, have you met my mother, have you met my daughter?’ The drag queens said that while introducing people. I didn’t quite understand what that meant, but then Mercedes told me, ‘I am now your mother.’ Because whoever does your drag makeup the first time becomes your mother. So I now have a drag queen mother.”

    And none of this would be complete without his very own drag name.

    It’s Lady Libido Lushbody.

    To which we said, “That’s a lot of name,” and he responded…

    I’m a lot of woman.

    Here’s the interview if you want pics. 🙂


  12. So, I posted loverboy in all his glory on my Facebook page, and one of my friends replied, “He has to be the best looking blonde man that looks like he’s never slept in his life that I’ve ever seen. Also, the only person with Farrah hair that doesn’t ‘hurt my feelings’, lol.”

    Gold, right there. And this friend is unaware of any TrueBlood or SVM universe deliciousness.

    Ahhh, the power of Skarsy.

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