Things I’ve severely underestimated since my last post…

The amount of times Boo Bear can drop the F-bomb in front of his grandma, without her even noticing, having cemented his “favorite grandchild” status nearly 20 years earlier.


The amount of times I can smack Boo Bear when his grandma isn’t looking.


The amount of crap Boo Bear had to take back to school with him until I was bumped from the trip by a footlocker.


The amount of words my mother can fit into a 30 minute car ride to her doctors appointment and how fast I’m willing to drive to shorten that 30 minute ride.

Mother who's a drag

The proper amount of hairspray to humidity ratio so that I don’t end up looking like I stuck my finger in a light socket by the time I get to work.


And the amount of baby squirrel snuggles I had left in me until co-worker/fellow squirrel raiser brought this little fella into the office today.


So even though I published the next chapter hours ago, I’ve been too busy playing peekaboo, with a baby squirrel hiding in my hair, to let you know about it.

Thank god the humidity took all of that hairspray outta my hair.

But I lurve him.

A lot.

Battle of the Badges – 7 – Civil War


6 comments on “Things I’ve severely underestimated since my last post…

  1. valady1 says:

    No one can say your life is boring…exhausting, challenging, filled with amazing things yes..but never boring..

  2. kleannhouse says:

    awww a new squirrelly baby

  3. glamouredbyyou says:

    What a cutie.

  4. mcdoogle says:

    Is that Joel Nordstrom(Joel Kinnaman ) from the killing with lushus askars?

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