I asked…

And some of you answered, which story you wanted updated next.

Le Tits Now

At one point I had 13 Word documents opened on my laptop, but so far I’ve only managed to finish two of them.
One with fangs and one without.

This is so embarrassing

What about my guilt

Pesky job getting in the way of my fanfic-ing.

So fucking lame

But, hey…at least I didn’t start a new story, so that’s got to count for something.


You are a mean nasty bitch

Yeah, yeah…

I’m going to try and knock out at least one more chapter today, so cross your fingers. You might get a second post later on.

And before I forget:

BotB banner ff

Is now available for download.

Let me think…is that all I needed to say?


Skarporn for the hell of it?




Every day is SkarsDay as far as I’m concerned.

All In – The Flip Side – Chapter 6 – The Good; The Bad; The Ugly

The Debt – Chapter Forty-Three – The Inauguration


14 comments on “I asked…

  1. askarsgirl says:

    Omg you are wonderful!! Happy Skarsday to you!!

  2. amiramo11 says:

    Squeeee yay *hides from everyone to read the flip side again*

  3. *bats eye lashes* Maybe The Hunting Grounds and The great Repression could be next?

  4. caleeksu says:

    That was going to be my request too. It stopped at such a stressful place 🙂

  5. luvvamps says:

    God! What to do? I’m rereading All In right know, so do I read chapter 6 of The Flip side or do I wait til I get there? Decisions decisions!

  6. vampwinter says:

    I have to say … when I get notices of updates I go to the chapter and read , comment etc., dlete the email ….. when I get updates from you ….. I hang onto the email for a few days, and randomly revisit it, your skarsporn makes my days just that much brighter 🙂

  7. redjane12 says:

    At the risk of sounding like a suck-up whatever you update, I will read and probably re-read the whole story because I need to ‘remind myself’… I do worry about the kids in the abandoned island post-apocalypse…

    • kjwrit says:

      You mean ‘those kids’, only one of who prefer to be clothed?

      THOSE kids? 😉

      I’m game, so I’ll try to get that one done next. But since I’m now at work, that’ll depend on how many games of peekaboo I play with a baby squirrel hiding in my hair. That’s what they’re paying me for. 🙂

  8. fanficglo says:

    (Mock angry voice, because really how could I ever be upset with you?)

    Damn you woman! Just as I’m thinking I got a handle on my addiction, you go on & update The Flip Side. My OCD MAKES me reread everything and I. JUST. CAN’T. STOP!

    Thanks for keeping me hooked! Who needs a clean house anyways?!

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