It’s all about teamwork…

Thanks again to the lovely MissyDee I didn’t have to go trolling for new Skarsporn because she emailed me a bunch, thereby giving me the time to drool write. So in case you missed these in the After-post Pic Party we had in the comments from yesterday’s post, here they are again:












It seems kind of counterproductive to send the hottest guy on the planet up to where the glaciers are melting, when they’re trying to educate people on the effects of climate change, but hey…

What do I know?

I’d set the world on fire if I thought it would get him to take his shirt off.

But seeing him in the Arctic got me to thinking about another frozen Viking, so here you go.

Revamped – Chapter 11 – Give and Take


5 comments on “It’s all about teamwork…

  1. sweetmg says:

    Yayyyyyyyy!!!! Hot damn! I love this story! 😍

  2. switbo says:

    Lmao! That DOES seem counterproductive, doesn’t it? Hmm…he’s all bundled up like a present in all those layers.

  3. They’re all great pictures but that one of him looking out the rainy window…it does things for me 😉

  4. motomary says:

    I love the pictures of him with the big real smile. Gorgeous overbite and all

  5. valady1 says:

    lovely pictures of a man who can take your breath away with a smile.

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