Here’s the deal…

I don’t know what the next few weeks hold as far as free time to write because my mother is having knee replacement surgery tomorrow morning.

But don’t tell anyone because to hear her blather on about it, apparently it’s akin to telling ISIS our nuclear launch codes.

rolls eyes


My sister is taking 3 whole days off to help take care of her because she likely only has 3 whole days of leave from work to take. I however haven’t taken sick leave since Sunshine was born 18 years ago and have 1600 hours to abuse use and with her doctor filling out the FMLA form saying my mother needs me to be her beck and call bitch for a minimum of the next four weeks, that is potentially how much time I will be taking off from work.

So I might be posting more or less over that time, depending on how it goes. I’m hoping she heals like a thousand year old vampire high on fairy blood and she’ll only really need me for half of that time, so I can use the other half to recuperate from being around her so much. I’ll be taking my laptop with me to her house in any case, with the hopes of getting some writing time in, in between her forcing me to stop and order yet something else she doesn’t need and that doesn’t really work from the Home Shopping Network.

She’s worse the V&V’s Eric when it comes to being a rube for Ron Popeil.

I’m already dreading it, so let’s look at some more Skarsporn to cleanse the bitterness from my palate.



It’s weird how well that works.

Then again, he works it so well. 😉

Love Somebody – Chapter 15 – The State of the Union


19 comments on “Here’s the deal…

  1. Meridian says:

    Oh, bebe, you have my sympathies. I wish there were a way that we in the fandom could slip you vast amounts of Alexanax on the downlow to help you though the upcoming stress…

  2. glamouredbyyou says:

    All the best for your mother and mostly for you, to come up smiling the whole mess.

  3. askarsgirl says:

    I feel your pain, having gone through the exact thing with my mother 5 years ago. Maybe they were twins separated at birth because they sure sound the same! :p I hope she heals vamp speed quick and you get to enjoy your time of work. 🙂

  4. sweetmg says:

    Best of luck to your mom (and you)!! ❤️❤️

  5. I wonder if he can touch his nose with that tongue? Good luck kj mum! Shame you don’t live in the UK…one of my little old ladies (I’m a carer) has just had knee surgery and spent 10 days in hospital, then to a respite centre where she has physio, private room and 3 meals a day (all free on the NHS). When she goes home she’ll have a daily nurse come to do the more medical stuff while I cook and keep her company. It’s no wonder we have swarms of asylum seekers/migrants – maybe you could put her on a plane and get her to pretend she speaks no English? 😜

  6. dettyfan says:

    hope everything goes well. Thanks for the update. 🙂

  7. msbuffy says:

    We’re related, aren’t we? My sympathies to you both. Hope all goes well.

  8. kardamon says:

    Is that a… smile-porn?
    Best for you and your mom!

  9. sysclp says:

    I had my knee replaced a little over 3 years ago and it wasn’t that bad. Here in Canada, they have you up and walking the next day and I was home in 3 days where I had to walk up stairs to go to the bedroom. I was out taking walks after a week and got rid of the walker by the 2nd week and got rid of the cane by a month. In just about 2 1/2 months I had to drive 12 hours one way by myself to cover the Kentucky Derby as a photographer which entails tons of walking.

    Now I was motivated to recover quickly because I had to go to the Derby, but the bottom line is if you work at it you get well fast. If you don’t, well you will be her bitch for a long time. 😦 Get her up and walking ! Also, I found a heating pad worked miracles for the pain and getting the joint to move better faster. Ice after working heat, heat before and in bed.

  10. jules3677 says:

    Don’t sweat it too much. I did the same for my father last year when he had hip replacement surgery. Its one minute/hour/day at a time when they first get out of hospital. Then its smile and think happy thoughts, lots of happy thoughts. Though my father is suffering from dementia which changed the game from my mother’s knee replacements (two years in a row!!). Just remember as my BFF nurse said “Medicate, medicate! It gives them (you) relief. 🙂 Have lots of fun, we’re thinking of you and your family. 🙂

  11. duckbutt60 says:

    Shouldn’t be too bad –depends on how strong her intestinal fortitude is. i’ve had both hips replaced and those are pretty easy to rehab. Knees take a bit longer. But she’ll probably be in the hospital for 3 days. They’ll get her up soon after surgery to start her rehab. Have you arranged for a nurse to look in on her for the next couple of weeks? Arranged for physical therapy? Is her bedroom located on a ground floor? if not, I’d suggest renting a hospital bed for a couple of weeks –that’s what i did as our bedrooms were on the top level of our townhome. So long as she does her physical therapy faithfully, she’ll be getting better sooner than you thought. For the next couple of weeks she may need help getting in and out of bed. it’s not the replacement that hurts; it’s the muscles that were cut and now need to be rehabbed…..

    Good luck! You’re such a good daughter!!!

  12. Jess says:

    Praying for a swift recovery for your mom and for you from your mom. 😉 mostly because I’m dying for you to finish some of these stories. I need closure. No really, good luck.

  13. kleannhouse says:

    good luck my friend and may the force of Skarsgard be with you …. KY

  14. seamstressff says:

    Good luck to you and your mom. I hope she heals quickly and with minimal pain. Don’t drive yourself crazy while you’re with her. As much as she needs you there to take care of her, you need to take care of you, too. Try not to let that part slack – it’s easy for me to say, but really difficult to do. I know when I was a caregiver, I gave my all to that person and my kids and had nothing left for me. You can leave her alone so you can grab a coffee and write. Just for an hour. Pick a time when she won’t need food or medicine, and slip out for a bit.

    The time will fly by, but your sanity is worth it. Take care!

  15. sexyviking says:

    My mom just had hers done – she refused to take pain meds once she was out of the hospital and then assumed that she would heal in no time even though they told her 6 months. After the first few months, she felt she wasn’t making progress and got a little depressed – but recently the 6 month mark passed and sure enough, she was so much better. So MAKE her take the drugs and remind her that it takes a while to feel 100% – and good luck. It is tough to care for family. Keep us posted – feel free to vent here (you may need it) 🙂

  16. gwynwyvar says:

    Hope your mums surgery goes well, and her recovery is speedy and easy!

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