Flame on!

flame on

As some of you know thanks to Ficlit78’s last post our fandom has a new bully.


She must mean it!!

And speaking of PERIODS, perhaps she is on hers.

But you know what else is a NO-NO?



Yeah, standing on your soapbox and spouting off suggestions isn’t allowed either.

And I’ve got a few suggestions where she can stick hers, but this woman is obviously crazier than a shithouse rat and doing it for the attention. So – in spite of this post’s title – I am NOT recommending anyone flame her.

The exact opposite actually because it’s exactly what she wants.

And it also makes me all the happier to be away from that site and over here where I can write what I want. Things like…

(My laptop has a Caps Lock key too!)

But since one of her split personalities decided it was okay to plagiarize a portion of Pussy Wars for a while before it disappeared – and single out Love Story on her bio, which I honestly can’t remember anything more about it other than Eric and Sookie being the central characters, much less being particularly smutty – I decided it was okay to vent a little in the form of a very short parody.

So, as Marie Antoinette didn’t actually say…LET THEM EAT CAKE!

Click the banner to read.

NO MA ALLOWED Troll banner


7 comments on “Flame on!

  1. redthang914 says:

    I just loved your No MA Allowed short story. Sums it all up pretty well. Just wanted to let you know that I agree with you 150%. Great short!!!!!!

  2. bwtawny says:

    ROFLMAO!!!!! 🙂

  3. That bitch is bonkers…especially as her stories (even the plagiarised ones) contained smut which she positively begged us to read. I’m so fed up of fanfic.net and the type of readers they attract (I’m talking about a minority here) who are either over sensitive, hypocrites or just immature. Just for the sake of it, I’d like to dare her to write a list of topics/words she considers too ‘rude’!

  4. Magpie says:

    Satire and parody. The time-honoured way to deal with silly people.

    I like it.

  5. kleannhouse says:

    well said and she is clueless to a lot of things. KY

  6. msbuffy says:

    So ‘Sybil’ is back to that personality again, is she? Batshit crazy, she is. I’m having a great time laughing my ass my off about this particular one who seems to have not gotten over the full moon that started the night she signed up for FF.net. Can’t wait to see what she does on the next full moon! Now I’ve got to check out the parody so I can go to bed laughing!

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