Well…hell-ooohhhhh yeah…

Northern Star


You had to know I would be going there seeing that.

But did I write anything for that?

Not yet. But soon.


In the meantime, there’s more of this:

Project Paladin

Project Paladin – 2 – Everything


8 comments on “Well…hell-ooohhhhh yeah…

  1. askarsgirl says:

    I was kinda wondering when you were going to change your banner to that god like pic😃 not that the other pic wasn’t just as drool worthy as well!

  2. msbuffy says:

    Me like.

  3. switbo says:

    Thud. That man is just……umph.

  4. bim2013 says:

    Hubba bubba! Please get back to Northern Star soon if you can – just in case the movie sucks!

    Mary-Anne Toy 0438 356 312


  5. gb says:

    You are missed…

  6. Jfozz says:

    Thinking of you. I hope all is well.

  7. Miss your posts, hope your muse shows up soon.

  8. Patricia Hurley says:

    I’ve been worried about you for sometime now. I’m praying that you are all right and have just been too busy IRL to fuss with fan fiction. Even if your Muse has met the True Death, that is much preferable to any other horrible RL tragedies that could be plaguing you. Praying for you and your loved ones. Know that you are loved by many out in cyber space and that we are pulling for you, no matter what. Much love from Missouri!

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