You want the TRUTH?

You can't handle the truth

But the truth is that I’ve just returned from spending the last week in Groton, Connecticut at the Naval Submarine Base New London where I had to testify at a military court martial hearing. And, I’m not ashamed to say, it took everything I had to not yell out the Jack Nicholson phrase above when I was on the stand.

Every. Thing. I. Had.

Now, you’d think being away from the responsibilities of home and work for five days would give me the time to WRITE! WRITE! WRITE! But, sadly, no. Because in spite of my testimony taking a grand total of 20 minutes over those 5 days, the rest of the time – from eight until five, I was sequestered in a waiting room. I was denied what should be a constitutional right to have my phone, with the 15 year olds the US Navy now apparently enlists into the service, taking everything away from me the moment I entered the floor where all of their law and order resides.

There was a metal detector I had to pass through. A wand was then ghosted over my bare arms, perhaps looking for the Terminator type technology I could have been hiding under my skin, before passing over the rest of me.

But worst of all? The waiting room held nothing more than a few outdated National Geographic magazines and a 19 inch analog TV, with a built-in VCR.


It wasn’t even hooked up to any kind of cable service. There was a DVD player hooked up to it, but the only DVD’s available were Transformers, some horribly artsy movie named Being Flynn, and an even more horrible Adam Sandler movie called The Cobbler.


I would’ve called ACLU and thrown down the bullshit flag, claiming cruel and unusual punishment of Guantanamo Bay proportions.


Needless to say I was mentally exhausted every night after spending all day doing nothing. Ironic, but true.

But I’m back now. So here you go. 🙂

The Venefica & The Vampire – Chapter 23 – Ditto


7 comments on “You want the TRUTH?

  1. tj6james6 says:

    Oh man! I feel for you!
    I’m an American living in Canada so when I have to go to the Embassy (thankfully an extremely rare occurrence) I have to leave ALL electronics outside the Embassy! No ebooks, no key fobs, no iPods, phones, mp3 players, NOTHING of the sort. How useful is it to leave your key fob remote with your car, I ask you! It isn’t! Especially since the car was a full half hour train ride away!
    Fortunately there was a conveniently located convenience store which would store our electronics for us for $5, lol.
    I was NOT a happy camper, neither was my dad since it was his key fob :D.
    As for getting in there? Might as well try to gate crash at the airport!
    Fortunately they did allow physical books or I would have gone crazy with nothing to do but listen to my children chatter, listen to my dad or watch some inane television show.

  2. msbuffy says:

    Do you think any one that does that now gets the same idea? That’s all I’d be thinking about is damn Jack Nicholson! And to think you were there perhaps helping them and your country by testifying? My goodness, look at how you’re treated. Most Adam Sandler movies and any Transformer movie should be considered torture. Could they have allowed you a book? It sounds worse than jury duty! Glad you made it back with your sanity intact…

  3. jules3677 says:

    I used to be an ‘expert’ (read; you speak English, they can understand your explanations. “We dub you expert witness”) witness through all the Australian Courts. (Lasted 3 years before I requested a change in positions.) During that time I managed to train myself to fall asleep while sitting upright in a plastic chair. Even though I was in and out of various Courts sometimes day after day (the longest attendance was 20 working days from 9.30am to 5pm), each day I would have to present myself for clearance through their security. Tedious. Wasn’t allowed to sit in on the cases being heard, wan’t allowed to speak to anyone in case I corrupted a witness. So I can understand how you felt drained. Mental mind games, counting cracks in walls and ceilings, counting ceiling tiles and numerous walks around the block (just to frustrate the guards as I’d have to go through all their security again and again 🙂 ). They couldn’t sequester me for the whole day as I was appearing under subpoena. Petty stuff just to mess with them and me. I became so numb and I hold the record for being the person to keep that position for the longest period of time. It was ugly as the Corporation was used as a bargaining chip to ‘encourage’ defendants declare themselves guilty, those that didn’t their trials and continuous appeals could take years going over the same evidence in each hearing.

  4. suzymeinen says:

    That sounds like a dimension of Hell!

  5. Nurse A says:

    Thanks for another great chapter. I know your life seems to be caught in a world wind just now, but I was wondering if I could ask if you might be working on The debt anytime soon. Just reread and it is such a good story. Thanks.

    • kjwrit says:

      I actually have a good chunk of the next chapter written. It’s just a matter of getting it finished before I second guess myself and scrap the whole thing, only to start all over again.

      So, in answer to your question, soon. Hopefully. 🙂

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